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Latest Highlights

  • SIM 50th Anniversary Video - Fulfilling Aspirations

    ​All 50-years of SIM’s story is a celebration of the institute and the people who have helped make Singapore what it is. It is a story of who we are, what we believe in, and how we have helped fulfill aspirations and touch lives along the way.

    ​​​ Read More

  • Global Survey Shows Financial Leaders Becoming Drivers of Change

    A newly released study conducted by leading recruitment company Michael Page highlights the evolving role of senior finance professionals in leading change within their organisations.​ Read More

  • Calling all Change Masters: Your Organisation Needs You Now

    ​Development is a key factor in successful change efforts. When a company’s leader concentrates on developing his/her people, all aspects of the change efforts become easier. With ongoing investment, team members handle the disruption better, contribute more, and find it easier to build and sustain the desire for change. Read More

  • Why Great Brands Grow their Way to Success

    On 6 October 2010, Gap Inc introduced a new logo designed to make the brand more contemporary, reducing the prominence of the iconic blue box associated with the brand. In less than a week, the original logo design returned. Read More

  • Making Innovation Simpler, Easier, and More Engaging

    ​Small wins innovation creates action, progress, and can have a big impact on organisations over time. It can help firms solve client problems, challenge the status quo, engage more people, and generate big, new results over time. Read More

  • 8 Tips to Make Change Work

    Change has become ubiquitous—and it is coming faster. Over the past 25 years, the focus of my work has been on leading, facilitating, and teaching people about how to create effective change. The following summarises my key insights, and I invite you to view the "Lead Change Now" video we produced to help inspire leaders to create and nurture successful change.​ Read More

  • Commemorating 50 years with the World's Top Thinker

    ​Held on 11th September 2014, the 33rd Annual Management Lecture (AML) was a special one as it was held in conjunction with the Singapore Institute of Management’s 50th Anniversary celebrations. To mark the event, Thinkers50’s number one most influential management thinker of 2011 and 2013, Professor Clayton Christensen presided over the event. Read More

  • Change Management is Changing

    ​Traditional change management processes have mainly focussed on the rational aims and plans to implement change. These processes often fail to deal with resistance to change. If companies can identify and address mindsets at the outset, they are four times more likely to succeed in organisational change. Read More

  • Viewpoints from a Leader: Rob Lilwall

    ​We speak with Mr Rob Lilwall, a National Geographic television adventurer, travel writer/author, and motivational speaker who adds a fresh twist to this column that usually features people in senior management. Read More

Latest Videos

Interview with Dr Charles Chow: Transcendental Management and Inner Firmness of Purpose ​​The internal drive of an individual and the need to awaken a personal sense of awareness cannot be developed; it must be discovered. Dr Charles Chow speaks about this and what it means to be a transcendental manager and have an inner firmness of purpose.​​

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