Issue 1, 2016

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 Issue 1, 2016

Cover Story

Limbitless-Solutions—Creating an Affordable and Brighter Tomorrow

​Limbitless-Solutions are creating brighter tomorrows for children who require bionic limbs, whilst keeping costs low yet remaining incredibly innovative.

From the Editors' Desk

From The Editors' Desk


Road Trip Made Easier with Hertz

​Renting a car with Hertz means smoother travels whilst travelling, especially in Australia.

Human Resources

Fine-Tuning Singapore's Manpower Needs

​As competition intensifies, Singapore identified four priorities to help it stay competitive in business.


Business Management and Political Leadership in Southeast Asia (Part 2)

​The study of political leadership is critical to understanding management and business globally. The second of two parts focusses on charismatic and formal democratic leadership styles.


Institutionalised Design Thinking: An Effective Solution to the Business World's Problems

​The business world is in a state of hyper-competition. The design thinking method serves as an effective solution to help organisations deal with its challenges.

No Space, No Problem

​In land-scarce Singapore, Extra Space talks about making storage space available and affordable.


Using Group Dynamics to Improve Team Work

​To form a cohesive team, the leader must spend time selecting members. Teams with the correct group dynamics achieve faster results and are able to quickly resolve differences.

Customer Service

Partnering the Customer for Service Excellence

​Customers are important contributors to a firm’s productivity as co-creation, co-production, and participation can potentially raise productivity and improve service quality levels.


Changing Room On-the-Go: Metail

​Metail combines fun and function; customer need and the endowment effect into its product and service delivery.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew's Brand Legacy

​A determined visionary, Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his team transformed Singapore from a tiny tropical island into a city-state. (Extracted from Influential Brands: 30 Singapore Brand Leaders1)

Information Technology

The Cost of Not Monitoring

​Monitoring IT needs might seem unnecessary. However, the price for not doing so can prove to be costly.


Taking Your Entrepreneur Spirit Forward

​Established business owners can make you feel like you missed the entrepreneurial train. With initiative, innovation, and personal sacrifice, you too can be a successful entrepreneur.

Emotional Intelligence

How to Build a High Performing Workplace Culture

​Culture in an organisation is largely defined by how people do things, the style of management, and the way decisions are made.

Personal Effectiveness: Building Strong Work Relationships

​Knowing how to manage people at work is as important as knowing how to do your job. Having strong work relationships helps us achieve that.


Lead Your Boss

​Bosses, like children, do not come with a user manual, warranty, or 30-day money back guarantee. They are hard to manage and you have to live with them. Unlike children, your boss has the power to fire you.

Why are Project Managers not CEOs?

​Project managers are key resources to drive an organisation’s strategy execution, yet they hardly become CEOs. Why?

Viewpoints from a Leader: Dr Richard Straub

Today’s Manager speaks to Dr Richard Straub to get his insights on management.

Talent Development and Organisational Change: A Neuroscience Perspective

​Using change efforts as opportunities to focus on and accelerate the talent development of employees leads to more positive outcomes and results.