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 General Articles

  1. Innovative Companies Can Survive All Disruptions 10 Nov 2017 Tan Chee Teik New start-ups have disrupted businesses with the help of information technology tools. Many old models of successful businesses have discovered that they must innovate or go to the junkyard of industry.
    Three Attributes of a Progressive Manager 13 Oct 2017 Tan Chee Teik There are popular managers and unpopular ones. Invariably, popular managers get things done faster as they have the full support of the team. If you have positive attributes, people will trust you and like the way you do things.
    Promotion by Merit is Preferred 8 Sep 2017 Tan Chee Teik In colonial times and in traditional companies, employees are promoted based on length of service. Today, most companies prefer to promote based on merit.
    The Scourge of Heavy Overtime Work 11 Aug 2017 Tan Chee Teik In Japan, there are cases of employees who die from overwork at the office. The government has put up new regulations to control this. Other countries have put up new legislation to give workers the right to disconnect.
    Discovering Talent Through Strengths | November 01 2017 | Singapore 4 Aug 2017
    Digital Marketing Masterclass | November 02 & 03 2017 | Singapore 3 Aug 2017
    Contemporary Company Loyalty Takes a Leap over Traditional View of Loyalty 21 Jul 2017 Tan Chee Teik Workers today don’t aspire to work for the same company for life. They will job-hop to gain experience or better remuneration. Managers must take time to promote company loyalty.
    HireRight Benchmark Survey Finds 70 Per cent of APAC Employers Uncover Discrepancies in Candidates’ Histories through Background Screening 14 Jul 2017 HireRight ​HireRight, a leading provider of global employment background checks, announced findings from its 2017 APAC HireRight Employment Screening Benchmark Report.​
    Learn How to Deal with Stress and Enjoy Life to the Fullest 7 Jul 2017 Tan Chee Teik Sometimes when we are under extreme stress, we feel that it is the end of the world. If you understand what causes stress, you can find ways to deal with them.
    Resources for High Performance 7 Jul 2017 Tan Chee Teik For handsome profits to come in every financial year, companies must develop new strategies and take on calculated risks. The business world does not wait for companies that are slow to evolve.
    Monitoring Attitudes of Workers at the Workplace 5 May 2017 Tan Chee Teik Attitude is the key element and support for all our actions. It controls success towards the path we have chosen to take in our professional and personal life.
    JOS: Aptitude and Attitude – Millennials Championing Tomorrow’s Workplace 8 Mar 2017 JOS ​Polytechnic and university teams showcase their innovative problem-solving skills at
    JOS Innovation Awards 2016-17.
    Workplace Big Five Profile 4.0 Certification | July 04 - 05 2017 | Singapore 5 Mar 2017
    The Rise of Artificial Intelligence 3 Mar 2017 Tan Chee Teik As computers become smarter, they are able to simulate elements of human thinking. Robots are doing much of the work done by people in factories and in the workplace. 
    Glints-JOS Survey unveils ‘New Norms’ amongst Millennials for Career Preparation 17 Feb 2017 JOS A survey of local youths by Glints aims to understand the latest trends amongst the millennials in preparing themselves for the workforce. The data reveals interesting insights about the new realities graduates are facing when taking the leap from school to industry.​
    Cupid and Corporate Recruiting 14 Feb 2017 HireRight
    Titles that Make the Job Appear to be More Prestigious 10 Feb 2017 Tan Chee Teik ​To some, job titles are less important than remuneration. To others, high-sounding job titles increase their importance and esteem in the company and in public.
    Book Review: Wish Lanterns 20 Jan 2017 Bertrand Leong ​​A narrative tapestry artfully woven together, Wish Lanterns tells the stories of six young Chinese from China's "post-80s" generation.​
    Reducing Your Energy Usage to Help Sustain a Green Environment 13 Jan 2017 Tan Chee Teik We experience the effects of climate change today. Companies must address the issue of carbon emissions before time runs out.​
    5 Handy Tips to Start the New Year Right 11 Jan 2017 HireRight