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 General Articles

  1. Women in Leadership Interview with Dr Anju Jain (Part 1) 16 Feb 2018 ​​In this first clip, Dr Anju Jain discusses the key challenges of women in the 21st century, changing roles, and the trends for women taking on leadership roles.​​
    Scenario Analysis: Interview with Dr Erik Elgersma (Part 3) 9 Feb 2018 ​In the last of three clips, strategic analysis expert, Dr Erik Elgersma discusses when to perform scenario analysis and the benefits of doing so.
    The Biggest Technology Experience in the World 8 Feb 2018
    Work-life Balance Makes Happier Employees 5 Feb 2018 Tan Chee Teik ​​The employer-sponsored work-life initiatives comprise a strategic framework known as the work-life portfolio, a key to the company’s total rewards strategy to attract, motivate, and retain employees.​
    New Year, New Opportunities: How to Reset Your Career in 2018 29 Jan 2018 Ben Chew In reviewing your career journey for 2017, did you find it fun and challenging? Did you gain interesting experiences and developed new skillsets or passed your days doing the same dull and boring routines?
    Business War Games and Radar Systems: Interview with Erik Elgersma (Part 2) 26 Jan 2018 ​​In this second clip, strategic analysis expert, Dr Erik Elgersma discusses the use of business war games and radar systems.​​
    Eliminating Blindspots and Industry Forecasts: Interview with Terence & Mark (Part 2) 19 Jan 2018 ​In the second clip, Dr Terence Tse and Dr Mark Esposito share how leaders can eliminate their blindspots and share their thoughts on the plight of various industries over the next five years. ​​​
    Generating Knowledge, HUMINT, & Effective Elicitation: Interview with Erik Elgersma (Part 1) 12 Jan 2018 In this first clip, strategic analysis expert, Dr Erik Elgersma discusses the four ways to generate knowledge, the HUMINT (Human Intelligence) collection, what makes for an effective elicitor, and advises on how to maximise market intelligence.​​
    Ring In The New Year Right: 5 Fresh Tips To Find The Best Talent 11 Jan 2018
    Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace 8 Jan 2018 Tan Chee Teik With rapid globalisation and a shortage of skilled workers in some business sectors, the Singapore workforce has become more diverse. In many companies, we find employees with different religions, cultures, and expectations. Management must attempt to make them feel at home at the workplace.
    Workforce Trends & the VUCA World: Interview with Terence Tse and Mark Esposito (Part 1) 5 Jan 2018 ​In the first clip, Dr Terence Tse and Dr Mark Esposito speak about what trends newbies entering the workforce should look out for, why it is important for mature businesses to wise up to happenings in the VUCA world, and how corporations can prepare for uncertainty.