HireRight Benchmark Survey Finds 70 Per cent of APAC Employers Uncover Discrepancies in Candidates’ Histories through Background Screening

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Home > Articles > HireRight Benchmark Survey Finds 70 Per cent of APAC Employers Uncover Discrepancies in Candidates’ Histories through Background Screening

 HireRight Benchmark Survey Finds 70 Per cent of APAC Employers Uncover Discrepancies in Candidates’ Histories through Background Screening

HireRight | General
July 14, 2017
​HireRight, a leading provider of global employment background checks, announced findings from its 2017 APAC HireRight Employment Screening Benchmark Report.

HIRERIGHT'S report explores key issues, trends, and underlying business drivers affecting background check programmes of APAC organisations, and compares these findings to previous survey results.  

The HireRight survey found that 70 per cent of employers uncovered issues with job candidates that may have gone unnoticed without background screening. This highlights the importance of background screening to mitigate organisational risk to company assets, customers, and other employees, and represents a marked increase of 11 per cent from 2016. 

The benchmark survey also revealed key trends, including:

More organisations are utilising contract or temporary workers to meet hiring demands—but screening this population has not yet become commonplace. 
o Almost one in five (19 per cent) APAC organisations have indicated that more than 40 per cent of their workforce comprises of temporary positions.
o Seven in ten APAC companies are familiar with the screening procedures for contract screening.
o Yet only one in four employers perform screening of contract workers. This is despite the fact that they often have the same access to office premises, sensitive data, and clients as a traditional employee. 

A minority of APAC employers are rescreening their existing workforce. 
o Less than three in ten (28 per cent) APAC companies rescreen employees either periodically or when being promoted or changing roles. 
o This remains a major area of potential exposure to APAC employers, as an employee’s personal history may have changed in a way that could affect their abilities or behaviour at work.

The global workforce has become increasingly diverse and mobile, yet few organisations have developed well-rationalised global screening programs. 
o While 83 per cent of APAC companies screen local employees, only 48 per cent screen international employees. 
o Despite the widespread adoption of smartphones in APAC, 45 per cent of companies are unlikely to add a mobile-friendly screening process for candidates in the next year.
o With half of APAC companies reporting a reduction in time to hire as one of their biggest screening challenges, there is immense opportunity in the adoption of mobile-friendly experiences.

Employers have a lack of rigour around the screening processes for their senior executives.
o More than half (53 per cent) of APAC respondents know of issues that have arisen as a result of senior executives not being screened during a merger or acquisition. 
o Forty-one per cent of employers report of people relying on ‘gut instinct’ to recruit high-profile positions, without incorporating proper background screening into their hiring processes.
o Thirty-eight per cent of respondents stated that individuals on their boards have never had their qualifications, experience and criminal records checked.

“With every new hire, there are risks involved of hiring a candidate who is not what they claim to be,” says Ms Camilla de Villiers, Managing Director of APAC at HireRight. 

“Common issues uncovered in background screening include falsified identities, misreported job histories, and discrepancies in educational qualifications. HireRight’s benchmark report reveals insights into evolving workforce trends and corresponding human resources needs in Asia Pacific.”

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Survey Methodology
The 2017 HireRight APAC Employment Screening Benchmark Report is based on surveys conducted with more than 4,500 human resources, recruiting, compliance, and management professionals worldwide, with over 400 from Asia Pacific, to provide a view of the current hiring landscape, indicate market trends, and identify common gaps in employers’ screening and hiring processes. The full report can be downloaded from the HireRight APAC Web site here.  

HireRight is a leading provider of employment background checks that helps employers automate, manage, and control background screening and related programmes.

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