Issue 1, 2019

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 Issue 1, 2019

Cover Story

Cryptonomics: Welcome to the Age of Fuzziness

Being aware of the existence of these crypto and initial coin offering (ICO) mechanisms of immaterial value creation is important to best make sense of the fuzziness of our times.​​​​​

From the Editor's Desk

From the Editors' Desks


Pure Good and SIM PD Partner to Build Manpower Capabilities for Halal Food Industry

Food and tourism in Malay-Muslim communities worldwide are growing markets. This requires the development of leaders with management excellence and innovation skills to cope with the rising demands of these sectors.​​

Beware of Companies That Collect Your Personal Data

Most of us value our privacy. But when we use social media, our inner thoughts, likes and dislikes, images, and other personal data could be hijacked for criminal purposes.​​


Renting Made Easy: Sharent

Gross overconsumption has led to wastage and ensuing environmental issues. Sharent offers an active and sustainable approach by integrating technology and incentivising a rental culture.​​​

Uncovering Blockchain for Businesses

For the benefits of blockchain to become a reality, there must be real communication between the blockchain industry and business owners to achieve shared goals.​

Managing the Oldest Business in the World: Understanding the Politics of the Thai Entertainment Industry

Thai culture, known for its promiscuity that is reinforced by a long history of polygamy, polygyny, and women of easy virtue remains resilient to this day.​

Emotional Intelligence

Humanising the Modern Workplace

When people are valued before profits, they become much more productive, and profits come naturally.

Customer Service

Emotional Labour of Service: When the Show Must Go On

Service employees must project happiness and politeness to customers even if they feel upset inside. Service requires plenty of heart-work; and being sincere and authentic is the way to go.


Driving Brand Innovation

There comes a time when a brand hits a plateau. Business models and product lifecycles are becoming shorter, and with growing expectations comes a general impatience that demands a constant stream of innovation.


Communications in Blockchain and DApps

The immutable security of blockchain tech and rapid evolution of modern communications provide an interesting stage for innovation. Are blockchain and decentralised apps (DApps) truly impervious to manipulation?​​

Information Technology

Inside the Cyber World: AI Defends Against Attacks

As the value of cryptocurrencies soar to new heights, the incentive for insiders and external attackers to exploit company infrastructure for their own profit has significantly risen.

Slow Down with AI

​Let artificial intelligence (AI) do the heavy lifting of analysing people holistically for specific team roles, so that you can focus on making important hiring and development decisions.​​


Viewpoints From A Leader: Dr Xinshu Dong

I speak with Dr Xinshu Dong to get his views on management, leadership, and find out more about Zilliqa.

Be the Change Before Change Changes You

Change is constant. So become the change, before change changes you.

Welcome to the Golden Age of Opportunity

We live in a golden age of innovation. We are surrounded by opportunity, but only if we want to take it.​

Time to Redefine Corporate Social Responsibility

​It is time for businesses to redefine their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes and double down on them to ensure their long-term sustainability.​​

The Monkey Bars of Change: Let Go, Let Be, Let Come

​As our current way of living comes under increasing threat of change, reframing your attitude is not only helpful, it becomes a psychological necessity for human flourishing.​

Human Resources

Painting by Numbers with KPIs

We use key performance indicators (KPIs) to incentivise desired behaviours and results. Yet, every KPI spawns an equal and spurious reaction that produces unintended results. No KPI can replace good judgement and common sense.​​

A Systems-inspired Approach to Building High Performance Teams

When leaders consciously shift to become more systems-inspired in the way they lead their teams, they adopt the practice of deep democracy with their teams.​​

Freedom to Compete

Relinquishing the siege mentality of competition frees us to collaborate and compete without the paranoia. Competition’s true nature raises everyone’s game and makes us the best that we can be.​