Issue 1, 2017

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 Issue 1, 2017

Cover Story

Notable Future Trends for CEOs

​Speed of change quickens as a company’s lifecycle declines. This means that companies have to run faster just to stay in the same place.

From the Editors' Desk

From The Editors' Desks


What do Kindness and Camaraderie have in Common?

Together, kindness and camaraderie help to shape the fabric of a work culture that inspires productivity.

To Create, Think Outside and Inside The Box

​Twenty-first century leaders must be able to straddle between divergent and convergent ideations in facilitating creative discussions.

Human Resources

Time Employers Took Staff Health Seriously

​Employers can encourage employees to be healthier by introducing and supporting healthy choices in the physical and social environments at the workplace.


Leading in Uncertain Times–Leading on the Edge: Resilience and Performance under Pressure

​Failure can be a great teacher, provided we dare to face up to it, learn its lessons, and push through it to emerge stronger.

From Waterfalls to Waves: Communicating in Times of Change

​Leaders can inform, inspire, and involve employees by using the waves approach of effective change communications. This enhances effective organisational leadership in difficult times.

Whole-Mind Thinking, Whole-Being Awareness: The Power behind Transformational Leadership

​Together, Whole-Mind Thinking and Whole-Being Awareness create the foundational skill set needed for the emerging conscious leadership movement.

Viewpoints from a Leader: Mr Alvin Yapp

​Mr Alvin Yapp wears many hats. I speak to him to find out his thoughts on management and how he manages to juggle everything in today’s fast-paced world.

Leadership Lessons from Brexit

​Leader elites must be accountable for their mistakes, show humility, and act graciously when non-elites exercise their franchise.

Key Lessons for the 21st Century Leader

For enlightened leaders of the 21st century, the conventional need to drive change is replaced by the symbiotic movement towards alignment, empowerment, collaboration, and service.

Information Technology

Becoming a "Smart Nation"–Breakthroughs in IOT Paving the Way in Singapore

Singapore’s standing as a leader in IoT will create the foundation for innovation in fog computing to drive smarter IoT systems.

Hybrid IT: The Journey to the Cloud (Part 2)

​The second of a two-part series provides an overview of hybrid IT and the skills needed to manage hybrid environments.


Impact of Social Media on the Use of Language

​Has the constant use of social media affected our use of the English language?


How Lucky Are You?

Luck is not always a random allotment of good fortune. You can create your own luck through practice, persistence, and a change of perspective.


Systems Thinking + Data Analytics = Possible Solution to Wicked Business Problem

​Senior executives who are well-versed in the science and art of systems thinking and data analytics are needed to deal with the explosion of wicked strategy problems.​​​

Behind Every Fortune Lies a Great Crime

​Only a few countries in the world can claim to be safe havens for good business practices while the real culprits of corruption remain hidden.

The Changing Face of Retail in Singapore

​The willingness of retailers to accept and embrace change to match today’s consumer behaviours is critical to their survival in an evolving retail landscape.

Lead Generation Tool for Service Providers: ServisHero

​ServisHero strives to improve the productivity of small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs to impact national and regional economies.


Sabre Travel Network: Technology Powering Global Travel

At Sabre Travel Network, technology and innovation is key to evolving and introducing new technologies to support customers.