Issue 2, 2015

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 Issue 2, 2015

Cover Story

The Impending Decline of The Book Trade...Or Not?

​Many within the book trade have different perspectives about its state. We get both local and foreign perspectives on this topic.

From the Editor's Desk

From The Editors' Desk


Confessions of a First-time Single Title Author

The Red Helmet is Ms Deepika Shetty’s debut novel, one she tells us has taken her 23 years to write.

Sharing Your Experiences in a Book: How to be a Famous Author

​We often have dreams about publishing a book on our experiences but the journey from manuscript to bookshop is fraught with challenges.

Step Up against Money Laundering

​Money laundering has evolved with technology and the way money is transacted. Are firms’ compliance efforts moving in tandem?

Spreading the Word on the Singapore Literature Prize

​Working with denizens of the Singapore publishing trade in English, Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu, and Tamil has its challenges and rewards.

Not The "Endgame" for Frey

​Despite a controversial start, Mr James Frey proves his staying power by churning out hit after hit globally.

Human Resources

It's a Different Ball Game—How to Motivate your Millennial Talent

​Managing Millennials may seem frustrating. Yet data from studies suggests the need to change our outlook in tandem with changing values, priorities, and motivations.


Take a Look at Your Colleagues

​Aside from intelligence and emotional quotients, mastering political quotient helps one in the subtle art of influence.

Ways to Engage Employees

​New and even experienced managers may face challenges when they try to get the best out of their employees.


Speak Fluently to Command Respect

​Being able to command the attention of an audience for 30 minutes is a skill. Good speakers are not born; they can be trained.

The Art of Business Negotiation

​A real-world guide to getting what you want, when you want it, and at the price you want.


Branding: The Self-publishing Way

​You want to publish a book but are faced with a thousand questions. How should you go about editing, selling, distributing, and pricing your book?

The Rise of Asia's Influential Brands

​Branding in the most populous continent is still in its infancy. What are the fundamental qualities needed to build Asia’s next brand powerhouse?

The Crux of Selling in a Vexing World: The Need for Perspective

​Salespeople today need collaboration, accountability, and perspective to supplement core selling skills in order to succeed.

Customer Service

Innovation in the Services Industry

​Through tech-enabled solutions, the services industry can reap cost savings, reduce overheads, and focus on delivering quality goods and exceptional customer service.

Information Technology

The App Development Process and Success with Carousell

​With mobile applications expected to earn more than US$77 billion by 2017, now is the best time to get into the market.

Seize the Future through Digital Reinvention

​Organisations must start reinventing themselves from the ground-up to remain competitive and those seeking to prosper under digital disruption should constantly redefine their strategy.


Time Management

Making Your Life Work

​Work-life integration can be difficult to achieve but individuals can successfully manage it.

Public Relations

Putting Heart into Public Relations

​Brand Inc.—a home-grown regional agency celebrates its first decade in tandem with Singapore’s Golden Jubilee.


Let's Play a Game Together

​Revenue/sales, expenditure, and payroll are three areas in any organisation where gamification can be applied to motivate employees to do a better job.

Application of the Bhagavad Gita to Modern Business

​One’s sanctification of work may not have a market price, however it reinforces an individual’s contribution to business and society.

Managing Crisis in the New World

​It is imperative for companies to have a robust crisis management and communication strategy to manage a disaster or any type of disruptive event.

Building the Capacity for Change

​The capacity for change is both an individual and organisational responsibility. Technological advances unravel the need to redesign how we work, interact, and lead.

Viewpoints from a Leader: Mr Kenny Leck

​An avid booklover from a young age, Mr Kenny Leck held several book fairs before setting up Singapore’s most famous independent bookshop, BooksActually.


Writers, Publishers, Enter the World of Crowdfunding

​With crowdfunding, authors, readers, and publishers can become meaningfully involved in the book-making process.

How can a Company Survive for more than 100 Years?

The real challenge in business is not getting started; it is sticking around for the long haul.

Bibliophile runs Book Cafe by Day, Bar by Night

​A passion for books and the food and beverage industry gives birth to Bukit Pasoh’s homely cafe called The Reading Room.

Institutions of Power, Protest Culture, and Security in Thailand

​We uncover the reason why Thailand retains its economic stability despite its protest culture that has caused millions of baht in damages and thousands of deaths.