Issue 2, 2016

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 Issue 2, 2016

Cover Story

Are You in Control?

​Be a leader who makes a difference by using a simple formula—IPM (idea, people, and money).

From the Editors' Desk

From The Editors' Desk


Granting Control and Autonomy

​In empowering staff with autonomy, how much control should be relinquished or given away?


COE and the Successful Manager

​What are the costs of Singapore’s material successes today? This paper examines why the Singapore manager may not need to own a car today.

Human Resources

The Brand Value—Talent Acquisition Overlap

​All employees have a part to play in increasing their company’s brand value.

Managing Hiring Managers for Successful Recruitment

​How can internal talent acquisition and HR professionals work with hiring managers to develop strong relationships with their stakeholders?

Customer Service

Clients Prefer Companies with Good Core Values

​Companies that treasure their core values often put them up in their Web sites or annual reports. They want the world to know what the company stands for.

Standard Operating Rigidity

​Instead of training service staff to simply comply by standard operating procedures, consider making allowances for exercising initiatives and autonomy within realistic guidelines.​


Winning in a VUCA World with a Culture of Agile Collaboration

​Leaders can create the culture of agile collaboration needed for success in challenging business environments by attaining four leadership levels.


Writing Quality Research Reports

​Much time is devoted to the writing of research reports at the workplace. If you consistently write clear and informative reports, the readers will have a good impression of you.

Information Technology

Pedagogical Difference in Whiteboard Animation

​The move towards online learning and flip classroom pedagogy makes whiteboard animation a powerful augment to an eco-system of pedagogy tools.


Saving 'Private' Accountants

​To avoid becoming obsolete, ‘private’ accountants must develop relevant human skills to assure their continued survival in the highly competitive accounting field.​


What is the Future of Science in Singapore?

​Science is becoming a key driving force for economic competitiveness. In this article, 3M shares about the importance of applying science to address future challenges.


Management and Monitoring Software for Strategy Implementation

​Till today, there is no software that adequately manages and monitors how organisations are implementing their strategy.

Business Lessons from Football

​We can glean many business lessons from football. One of modern football’s most successful figures, Sir Alex Ferguson shows us how.

The Power of Creating Change-Focussed Organisations

​Rather than view change as a periodic process performed by external change experts outside of normal business operations, the change-focussed organisation uses change to fuel continuous performance improvement.

Viewpoints from a Leader: Dr Robert Tobias

​A leader in public administration and personnel management, Dr Robert Tobias shares his thoughts on leadership and management.​

The Wisdom of a Strategic Leader

​Leaders carry a great responsibility in determining the destiny of the army and their country. Likewise, success is possible if the right leaders run an organisation.