Issue 2, 2017

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 Issue 2, 2017

Cover Story

What the Sharing Economy Means for Future Brand Strategy

Living in a customer-empowered and sharing economy era, the sooner businesses learn to maneuver the changed lanes in the economy, the better their chances of survival and success.

From the Editors' Desk

From The Editors' Desks


Confessions of a Neurotic First-Time Author

Writing a book and getting it published has ruined going to bookstores for me forever.

The Strategic Mind: Lessons from Chinese Strategic Thinkers

​The Chinese strategic mind is the result of its study of nature—with China’s beautiful landscape and scenery as its source of inspiration.​


Brand Whispering

​Great marketing does not speak loudly. It whispers and appeals to your senses.


Global Team Leaders: Have You Got What It Takes?

​If you want to be a successful leader, leading a global team is the perfect way to stretch yourself and grow the skills you need.

Information Technology

AR/VR and the Shareconomy

​The potential for augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) is immense. One firm is putting it to good use in architecture and construction.


On the New Cybersecurity: Managing Halal Public Goods and Services

Making security provisions translate into lower overall costs when individuals, corporations, and private citizens’ groups are educated about managing the security of public goods, their production, and delivery.

Innovating Across Industries

​Innovating across industries is key to move away from head-to-head competition and create new market space as recommended by the Blue Ocean Strategy methodology.

Courier Service On-Demand: Fast Fast

​With modern consumers straying further away from the ideation of ‘brand loyalty’ of the past, on-demand delivery provides the business edge needed to survive in today’s world of instant gratification.


From Pipeline to Platforms: The Great Migration

​Airbnb, Amazon, Apple Inc, and PayPal are companies that do not work with a pipeline model. What is a pipeline model and how can pipeline businesses move to platforms?

Customer Service

Empowering Employees for Service Excellence

​Service employees are likely to be cognitively active and modify their own behaviours and attitudes toward customers in order to reach both personal and organisational goals.


Change and the "Entrepreneurial Society"

​Years after its publication, Professor Peter Drucker’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship challenges us to see that change is not a problem to be solved, but fuel for continuous innovation.

Operations Managements

Benefits of Adopting Cloud-Based Enterprise Risk Management

​In cloud-based software, you can have a single source of truth with the click of a few buttons, without having fragmented visibility of performance and silos scattered worldwide.

Emotional Intelligence

Your Daily Job Can Make a Difference to Others

​Through one act of kindness, be it at home or at our workplace, we can create a kind, gracious society.

Human Resources

Future of Work: Can You Fit into the New Challenges?

​The many complex challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are around the corner. Business leaders who are prepared for them will thrive and prosper. Others who are late will be left far behind.


Viewpoints from a Leader: Mr Franck Mesnel

​I speak to Mr Franck Mesnel who went from rugby legend to founder of a luxury sports brand.

Strengthening your Organisation's Spire

Organisations can no longer ignore the need for training and development of their middle managers if they want to survive in this ever-changing business environment.

The Great Breaking Open—Navigating a Complex and Uncertain World (Part 1)

​Genuine evolution and growth in a VUCA world requires us to “break open” by stretching our perception, beliefs, and worldviews rather than “break down” in the face of challenges.