Issue 2, 2019

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 Issue 2, 2019

Cover Story

AI: Leadership Heaven and Management Hell

​How will artificial intelligence (AI) change the world of leadership and management? Will it take over the world?

From the Editor's Desk

From the Editors' Desks


Artificial Intelligence Versus Humans

​What is artificial intelligence’s (AI’s) strengths and limitations, its impact on various industries, and its potential in replacing the human workforce?

Pushing the Frontiers of AI

​Through various industrial revolutions, societies have adapted and molded the environment that we live in for our betterment. Artificial intelligence (AI) should be seen as complementing human skillsets, rather than being a threat.

Powering Singapore's AI for the Future Digital Economy: AI Singapore

​AI Singapore was mooted to enable Singapore and Singaporeans to benefit from growth opportunities in the digital economy.

Human Resources

HR Trends of 2019

​How can Singapore’s labour market—one of the country’s most valuable resources be better managed?


A Political Scientist's View: The Impact of the 2019/2020 General Election (GE) on the Singapore Economy

​Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong previously hinted that the next General Election (GE) will be held in 2019. I weigh in on how this will impact the economy.


How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Market Research

​Artificial intelligence (AI) platforms bring together a range of insights, including operational and experience data, to help users rapidly sort and analyse the plethora of data at their fingertips.​​

Information Technology

Is ASEAN and APAC Digitally Ready?

​Why is having a modern information technology (IT) infrastructure important and how ready is Southeast Asia (SEA)?

State of Cybersecurity in Singapore

​Each of us has a role to play in cybersecurity. What are we doing to protect ourselves against cyber attacks?

Emboldening Fools

​Outsourcing human empathy and judgement to machines is not without danger. Trust in machine judgement will lead to increasingly unforeseen failures of the kind that they were ostensibly meant to prevent.


Writing Convincing Proposals with High Chance of Acceptance

​Managers devote much time and effortin writ-ing proposals. These include internal proposals to senior management and external proposals such as request for proposals.


Leading Multi-Generational Teams

​A diverse workforce is needed to bring about bet-ter performance and business outcomes. Good intergenerational management at individual and team levels can foster greater communication and trust.

The Three Strategies of Huang ShiGong on Business and Leadership (Part 1)

​Huang ShiGong’s Three Strategies was organised into three hierarchies of importance, namely the Lower Strategy, Middle Strategy,
and Upper Strategy. The first of two parts touches on the Upper Strategy.


Three Steps for Managers to Measure What Matters

​While there is nothing wrong with using a quantitativemetric, it often fails to take into account the alignment of the work with the overall strategies in the organisation.

Building Resilience for Change

​Contrary to the suggestion that work and life are separate, mutually-exclusive states, the study of resilience reminds us that competence in resilience is not merely a work competency but a life competency.

Communicate Confidently to Connect with Anyone, Anywhere, and Anytime

​Building confidence in communication and presentation to anyone, anywhere, and anytime is key to a successful journey towards excellence.

Viewpoints from a Leader: Mr Narsingh Chaudhary

​I speak with Mr Narsingh Chaudhary to get his views on management, leadership, and find out more about Siemens.

Customer Service

The People Business: How People Change People

​Connecting with our external and internal customers to create positive moments of truth is what makes great companies amazing.

Emotional Intelligence

Where is Kindness in the Digital Age?

​Organisations that can balance between creating a supportive, gracious environment where workers thrive, while tackling new technology and innovations will ultimately succeed in the long-run.