Issue 2, 2020

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 Issue 2, 2020

Cover Story

Our Future of Work

​How decentralisation, automation, and changing nature of the workplace will affect the way we work. ​​

From the Editor's Desk

From The Editor's Desk


The Future of Work: The Emerging Paradigm of the Gig Economy

​COVID-19 poses challenges to businesses; successful management practice will recognise emergent skills for their company’s longer term futures.


Importance Of Gender Diversity For Future Female Leaders

​Gender diversity has never been more important or relevant as it is today as the world’s changes are accelerating.​

An Easy-to-Practice Guide for Everyday Leaders (Part One)

​Dr Sheh has developed a guide for everyday leaders that is especially useful during these trying times. Part of the guide is featured in this article.

Information Technology

Cloud Technology for SMEs—the Final Frontier

​Cloud technology has never been more important or relevant as it is today. Are you on board yet?

Collaboration and Efficiency: Are your Productivity Tools Helping or Hindering your Business?

​Hindrance or a help? What’s your take on productivity tools?​

Public Relations

How the Future of Work has Impacted Public Relations Practices

​Even Public Relations is not safe from the changes that come about with the future of work.​


Banking On a Digital Future

​Businesses should start working on going digital, and this includes how they fulfil their banking needs too.


Viewpoints from a Leader: Mr Sumit Nurpuri

​I interview Mr Sumit Nurpuri, Capgemini’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) who shares his views on management, leadership, and his view on the future of work. ​​

The Future of Work—Intentionality

​Ever thought intentionality would play a part in the future of work?​

Fake News and Business Failure in Thailand

​Let us look at fake news in Thailand as well as the risks, causes, and consequences.

Trust and Communication Help Remote Teams Thrive

​The success of remote work depends on mutual trust and open communication between employees and employers.

Hit the Ground Running

​The only viable path forward for your business during any crisis is innovation. There is no percentage in tentativeness.

Look After Others by Looking After Self

​In challenging times, leaders can support their people through the turbulence by being secure bases. To do this effectively, they must first be secure bases for themselves.

Three Ways to Boost Employee Engagement in our New World of Work

​Regular collection of employees’ feedback help to keep employees engaged in times of unprecedented change.

Choosing Positivity in Stressful Times

​Quick and practical tips on how you can choose positivity every day, even in stressful times.​

The new, Egalitarian Office Approach

​Are we ready to do away with traditions at the workplace?​

It’s Lonely at the Top in Asia—But it doesn’t Have to Be

​Being in top management can get lonely, especially in Asia.​​

Beyond Fake Diversity

​Firms preach diversity but practise conformity. Like malaria, this is both natural and unhealthy.