Issue 3, 2016

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 Issue 3, 2016

Cover Story

Breaking the Stereotypes in Women Leadership

​When it comes to women holding boardroom positions, Singapore lags behind the rest of the world. 3M Singapore is an exception as a majority of its leaders are women.

From the Editors' Desk

From The Editors' Desk


Reinvent or Else!

​Reinvention is imperative. Managers and leaders need to reinvent themselves to prevent their organisations from being disrupted.


Redefining Priorities: Ground-up Initiative

​Ground-Up Initiative nurtures resilient, grounded stewards of society by empowering them to discover their sense of purpose.

Human Resources

Danger Zone: Being the Boss Favourite

​Favouritism is everywhere—from being your parent’s favourite child at home to a boss’ buddy at work.

Break the Vicious Cycle: Mental Illness in the Workplace

​Taking positive steps enables us to find enduring and mutually beneficial solutions to eradicate the stigma of mental illness in workplaces.

Getting Different Cultural Groups to Work Cohesively

​Becoming part of the global community means working closely with people of different backgrounds and traditions. Managers must accept the idea that diversity makes strong teams.

Sustainability Balanced Scorecard: Linking Sustainability Strategies to KPIs for Effective Execution

​Sustainability is increasingly important to businesses. The successful implementation of the sustainability balanced scorecard requires the commitment of management and employees.


Video Marketing: StoryMe

​Video marketing is finding the right strategy and implementation for your video(s) in order to increase sales and achieve your corporate objectives.

Customer Service

Establishing a Service Revolution is Crucial to the Organisation

​Established companies need to stage successful service revolutions in order to compete against smaller and more nimble businesses capable of growing quickly.


Mastering Etiquette and Navigating Social Situations

​While the Internet has connected the world into a ‘global village’, we often have trouble understanding basic human behaviour.

Information Technology

Payment is Going Mobile in Asia

​The pace of mobile payment adoption has accelerated in recent years and is destined for greater growth.

Time Management

Multitasking: A Modern Phenomenon

​Is multitasking a boon or bane? Sometimes multitasking can do more harm than good.

Emotional Intelligence

Kindness is Good for Business

​Kindness and performance are not mutually exclusive. Practising kindness and graciousness at work can lead to better performance and profitability.


The Management of Terrorist Financing

​This article focusses on a case study about how the state of Libya under Colonel Muammar Qaddafi sponsored terrorist activities.


Developing Self Effectiveness for Improved Performance

​Managers must continue to upgrade their personal skills and sharpen their metaphorical saw when relating to their staff in order to achieve their employee-organisational goal alignment.

Drive Diversity Differently for the Benefit of All

​Diversity has been a hot topic in organisations for decades. Progress is painfully slow despite the actions, activities, and focus on diversity.

Managing Change in Smaller Steps

​Change is unavoidable. Companies that stand still, quickly become obsolete. Managers must learn to manage change in smaller steps.

Become a Focussed Organisation; Excel in Strategy Implementation

​One of the project manager’s first tasks is to work with the project sponsor and other experts to build the business case for the focussed organisation transformation project.

Viewpoints from a Leader: Ms Susan Chong

​Ms Susan Chong, chief executive officer (CEO) of Greenpac (S) Pte Ltd shares her thoughts on management and leadership.


Moulding Leaders through Experiential Learning

​Classroom-led leadership courses are unlikely to be effective in preparing future leaders for an increasingly complex world.

The Path of Power

​What makes a good leader? There is never a one-size-fits-all leadership style that works for every industry.