Issue 3, 2017

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 Issue 3, 2017

Cover Story

Labour-Lean Fighting Machines

​Two local SMEs show how they have grown despite being in manpower-lean environments.

From the Editors' Desk

From The Editors' Desk


Tourist Business Models and Human Trafficking in the Making of Modern Thailand

​Human trafficking is a worsening situation in one of the most economically successful countries in Southeast Asia.

Creating an Omni-Channel Experience Inspired by Shoppers

This article explains what omni-channel marketing is, why it is important, and how to apply it to your business just like how SmartBuyGlasses did.

Human Resources

One in Five APAC Job Candidates Submits Inaccurate Information on Job Applications

​More than one in five (21.5 per cent) background checks conducted on job candidates in the Asia Pacific region (APAC) in 2016 identified inaccuracies in the information supplied by candidates.


What Does Your Team Really Want From You?

​Just as leaders assess their teams, teams are also assessing their leaders. This article explores five criteria by which team members judge their leaders.


Using Persuasion to Your Advantage

​Persuasion is something you do everyday to win people over. Spend time to develop this skill and it will help you progress in life.

Creating a Transformation Agenda

​Transformation is challenging, but it also presents the opportunity to reshape markets and create new ones.

Customer Service

Innovation-led Productivity for Service Sectors

​Service sectors (food services, retail, and hotel) businesses in Singapore and abroad are facing tremendous headwinds from escalating operating costs—pressurising margins and provoking intense competition.

Information Technology

Building Stronger Digital Capabilities

​Fuji Xerox shares how businesses can build stronger digital capabilities so as to thrive in today and tomorrow’s economy.​

Harnessing Platform Strategy to Grow our SMEs

​Adopting one or more innovative and market-appropriate strategies like the Platform Strategy can help SMEs deal with the challenges of the VUCA world.

Time Management

Changing Stubborn Habits through Systems Thinking

​By using the appropriate tools, systems thinking allows us to uncover critical feedback structures within our habitual systems to dramatically improve our quality of life.

Emotional Intelligence

Happiness at Work is Not a Lost Cause

​When you feel unmotivated or overwhelmed with a task at work, challenge yourself to do something kind for someone else, and see the difference it makes.


Organisational Change as Competitive Advantage

In the 21st century, the ability of an organisation to optimise its performance is highly related to its proficiency to change.

Viewpoints From A Leader: Mr Thomas Fernandez

I speak with Mr Thomas Fernandez to get his views on management, leadership, and his company, PestBusters.

The Great Breaking Open—Navigating a Complex and Uncertain World (Part 2)

​Genuine evolution and growth in a VUCA world requires us to “break open” by stretching our perception, beliefs, and worldviews rather than “break down” in the face of challenges. Part 1 was published in Issue 2, 2017.


Finding Her Niche with Audiobook Storytelling

​There is a niche market that enjoys having their books read to them. Meet Ms Michelle Babb, one such audiobook storyteller.


Truthful Consumerism in Asia

​The future of business and consumerism in Asia, at a time of populism, polarisation, and post-truth presents an opportunity to build brands that are a force for good.

Operations Managements

How to be Labour Lean?

​With sharp focus on a process-driven approach, people capability-building, and total employee involvement, having a manpower-lean strategy can lay a strong foundation to build a value-creating and value-multiplying workforce.