Issue 3, 2018

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 Issue 3, 2018

Cover Story

Don't compete with the big guns! Ignore Them!

​If you want to outgun the big guns, then define your market or industry based on the unique value of your strengths, not theirs.

From the Editor's Desk

From The Editors' Desk


The Digital Landscape: Preparing for The Future

​There are several challenges that need to be considered as firms race ahead to jump on the digital bandwagon.

Silver Shades of Grey: Memos for Successful Ageing in the 21st Century

Silver Shades of Grey: Memos for Successful Ageing in the 21st Century discusses how ageing affects us as individuals and as a society and explores several mysteries, myths, and miracles of life.

Protecting Privacy in Social Media

​In Mr George Orwell’s book 1984, Big Brother is omnipotent and people’s lives are open to the loss of privacy, even in their locked homes. Today, our privacy suffers more.

My Experience At Campus Party, The Largest Multi-Disciplinary Innovation Festival in Asia

​Campus Party is a movement of dreamers, “demolishers”, and creators who believe in the strength of ideas and the power of collaboration.


Three Secret Marketing Strategies For SMEs/Start-ups that MNCs Are Not Telling You About

​How do the Davids beat out the Goliaths in the oversaturated advertising sphere? Here are three advertising strategies that are usually
only privy to big corporations.

Building A Compelling Marketing Message with the 3C Framework

​Two types of differentiation can be built in businesses: an offer differentiation and a marketing differentiation. The latter is easier to create with a little hard work.


FinTech Terror in Late Modernity

​FinTech, Bitcoin, and other Cryptocurrencies are more likely to remain working on the Internet because of greedy global neoliberal capitalists. FinTech terror therefore emerges from terrorist networks and nations themselves.

Playing Against The Big Guns: How Can SMEs Manage?

​Competition and rivalry is inevitable in business. How can small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) survive, thrive, and compete against larger, established brands with loyal consumer bases?

Business Wisdom from David and Goliath

​The biblical account challenges conventional wisdom, ignites hope, and makes us dare to believe that the little guy can win.


Chinese Leadership: Lesson from Mozi (Part 1)

​The works of Mozi can be organised and interpreted for contemporary leadership and management practices in six categories. The first of a two-part series discusses three of them.

Information Technology

Revolutionising Tuition: AskNTeach

​By evolving with the millennials, an application (app) in the edutech space is giving students the opportunity to take personal learning into their own hands.


Communicate Persuasively

​Make the most of your messages and create an impact by communicating your ideas across in a persuasive manner.


Good Grades Alone are Not Enough: Resilience and Continuous Learning are the Goals of Education

​Character-building, resilience against adversity, and a thirst for continuous learning are the goals of education. These are far more significant than the temporary gratification received from merely acquiring good grades.

Emotional Intelligence

Lead with Kindness: You Will Get Better Results

​Kindness is good for business. Kind leaders are able to focus on both the bottom-line and the needs of their people, and finish first with the right approach and strategy.​


Have a Good Crisis

​Learn to embrace crises as your chance to shine. Crises are the vehicle which can accelerate your career: the greater the crisis, the greater your opportunity.

Nurturing A Serious Play Culture At Work (Part 1)

​“People learn as they play. More importantly, in play, people learn how to learn.”—Professor O. Fred Donaldson.

A Practical Approach to Building Psychological Safety for High Performance

​Reframing your mental state, being clear on your desired impact and outcome, then asking open-ended questions, while giving choices, rewarding concessions, and allowing space to respond will yield psychological safety.

Making A Difference Against Industrial Heavyweights

​Big is not always better. SMEs can make a difference in tapping the strengths that work to their advantage.​

Viewpoints from a Leader: Mr Nicolas Muller

​I speak with Mr Nicolas Muller to get his views on management, leadership, and find out more about Talao.

Project Management: An Essential Tool for Managers

​A project manager’s skill is to lead and manage their team by using project management tools and techniques to professionally deliver projects to the satisfaction of stakeholders.

Human Resources

What Should Managers do to Increase Tech Emplyees' Work Performance and Retention Rate?

​Organisational productivity and employee retention will increase if organisations strategise around the meanings of what IT employees seek from their work and how to offer them opportunities to grow and develop.

The S.U.R.E. Way to Exit Your Employees: Doing the Right Thing for Your Employees Because You Care

​It is never easy to let an employee go. The best exit strategy is one that is executed professionally, with kindness and empathy.

Singapore Is Near Last In Employee Engagement In Asia-Pacific: Here's How to Fix It

​Employee engagement is key to productivity and success. Companies with high employee engagement vastly outperform ones with lower rates, with employee engagement directly impacting work performance and attrition rates.

Customer Service

Turn Customer Pains to Plus Points

​In focussing on the customer journey, how can you as a service employee salvage and “flip” a potentially bad experience?