Issue 3, 2020

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 Issue 3, 2020

Cover Story

Does Local Brand Bias Exist?

​Are you fussed about where your products come from or adamant about supporting local? Either way, read on.

From the Editor's Desk

From The Editor's Desk


Reflection Guide for Inspirational Leadership during COVID-19

​Now amidst the time of chaos and fear, leaders should find time to reflect.​

Building A Sustainable Problem Solving Culture (Part 1)

​Make problem solving a way of life in your organisation to respond to unprecedented challenges.


Viewpoints from a Leader: Ms Nerissa Low

​CEO and Founder of Liht Organics, Ms Nerissa Low, discusses leadership, management, Covid-19, and local brand bias with me.


An Easy-to-Practice Guide for Everyday Leaders: Part Two

​Dr Sheh’s guide for everyday leaders is especially useful during these trying times. Part one of the guide was featured in Issue 2, 2020.


Cultivating Home-bias Through Regional Branding—An Example From Northern Norway

​Who would have thought that experiential dining in Northern Norway would be a case study in regional branding?

Why Brand Tracking Is Business Critical in a Crisis

​Now more than ever, businesses need to track their brand to keep their customers happy.​

Back to Basics: Creating Value through B2B Brand

​Understanding brand value is vital to the successful retention of clients in today’s business environment.


So Why is Leadership Different in the 21st Century?

​One can see the difference in how leaders from the 20th Century differ from those in the 21st Century. For better or for worse, is yet to be determined. ​

The Post-Distributor Age

​Gone are the days of cajoling distributors in representing your products to customers—often poorly.

Support Local Artists within Our Community

​Both corporates and individuals can play a part in supporting local artists.

Viewpoints from a Leader: Ms Eva Chan

​Ms Eva Chan, Vice Chairman and CEO of NVC International Holdings Limited gives her views on leadership, management, Covid-19, and local brand bias.

Viewpoints from a Leader: Mr Rajesh Nair

​I interview Mr Rajesh Nair, entrepreneur and founder of employee-management platform Yuvo to get his insights on leadership, management, and the effects of Covid-19.

From Leaders of Mankind to Custodians of Livingkind

​Time to heal the fractures to protect our future in this magical, more-than-human world.

An Update on the Impact of Covid-19 in Singapore 2020-2021

​The Covid-19 Virus impacted everyone, including Singapore. Professor Rappa discusses this.

The P.U.S.H. Approach to Performance Development

​Performance Management should not be managed like a check-list approached differently and here’s how.