Issue 4, 2016

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 Issue 4, 2016

Cover Story

Lessons from Sun Tze to Survive Current Market Conditions

​What can Sun Tzu’s The Art of War show us about surviving and prospering in a VUCA world?​

From the Editors' Desk

From The Editors' Desk


The Business of Corruption and the Royal Thai Police

Why do Thai people perceive the police to be the most corrupt agency in Thailand? Is there a business of corruption? If so, how does it work?

Turning Passions into Business

​Success does not always have to be achieved in the ways that we have grown used to. It is possible to turn our passions into paychecks and profitable businesses.​

Managing Corporate Sustainability towards Profitability

​AkzoNobel continues to lead as a sustainable company with a clearly defined framework that results in returns.


Social Media: Beware of Libellous Comments

​Social media posts can be hurtful and libellous. This article looks at the legal aspects of defamation and mentions cases where innocent-looking text have landed their authors in trouble.

Universal through the Individual: Lessons from Narrative Non-fictional Writing

​A single story told well, allows us to express our situations—sometimes in a way that business jargon cannot.


Was Machiavelli Right?

​Is Niccolò Machiavelli’s book The Prince a good handbook for a leader in the turbulent world of 21st century globalisation?

Leaders of The Future: Passion, Purpose, Performance

​Themed “Leaders of the Future—Passion. Purpose. Performance.”, SMF 2016 focusses on how strategic leaders can lead a global workforce to confront uncertainties and drive changes in a new era.

Information Technology

Global Wi Fi in your Pocket

​The virtual SIM tech pocket Wi-Fi circumvents overpriced roaming agreements and lets consumers connect at local wholesale rates.​​

Hybrid IT: The Journey to the Cloud

The first of a two-part series looks at the key tools needed to manage the hybrid IT environment and its importance in running a smooth-sailing ship.

Operations Managements

Gamifying the Organisation: Lessons from Ingress and Pokémon Go

​We discuss three design elements in Pokémon Go and Ingress and share how they can be applied to gamify an organisation.

Time Management

5 Rules to Survive Crazy Work Schedules

Long work hour weeks, deadlines, and increasing pressures are commonplace in today’s workplaces. Here are five tips that let us control our work and avoid letting it control us.

Emotional Intelligence

Think Positively, Act Kindly

Managing with kindness releases and regenerates the positivity that we need to succeed.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Last Mile Logistics and Its Impact on Online Shopping

​E-Commerce and online shopping have changed the way we shop and Zap Delivery is well-positioned to help online retailers amaze customers with cost-effective same day and superfast one-hour deliveries.​


Complicated, Complex, or Both? Keys to Navigating Our Rapidly Changing World

Practising Whole-Mind Thinking and Whole-Being Awareness allows one to recognise which parts of a situation are complicated and complex in order to move forward.

Viewpoints from a Leader: Mr Benson Lin

​Mr Benson Lin, the corporate vice president and general manager of mobile communications at ASUS gives us his take on management.

Collective Human Performance for a New Age

​Involving members of the workforce in complex problem-solving represents a profoundly significant shift for leadership and workforce development.

Brexit: A Project Doomed to Fail

​The Brexit project has yet to be defined, and until it is, it looks like business-as-usual.​

Human Resources

Workplace Connectedness Improves Staff Retention

Can reconnecting colleagues help to improve staff retention at the workplace?

Happiness at Work: Engaging our Strengths

Engaging staffs’ strengths and putting them to good use at work keeps them motivated, driven, and excited about what they do.​

Motivate Your People Through Appreciation

​Appreciation at the workplace is a good “investment” as it leads to job satisfaction, positive leader-subordinate relationships, and a productive organisation.


Increase Results in Direct Response Marketing Using Variable Data Publishing

​Variable Data Publishing, a database-driven, personalised marketing tool makes use of technology that automates the production of relevant messages and images that excite prospects and customers.

Customer Service

The Gaps Model of Service Quality

​Service firms need to find effective ways to motivate and manage their service providers. This will ensure that their behaviours are desirable for service excellence.