Issue 4, 2017

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 Issue 4, 2017

Cover Story

Appreciating the Ability in One's Disability

​This process of assimilating persons with disabilities might seem challenging at first, but with mutual respect and recognising that everyone has different strengths, an inclusive workforce can be achieved.

From the Editors' Desk

From The Editors' Desk


Enabling Experimentation

Innovation success is never a straight line. What eventually separates successful companies from struggling ones is the ability to adapt to change.

The Evolving Future: Small is the New Big

​Themed The Evolving Future: Small is the New Big, SIM’s SMF 2017 shows how the small but positive, mobile, nimble, courageous, and connected can take on the world.

Understanding Personalities in the Digital Age

​Workplaces can bridge the inter-generational gap to overcome communicative barriers and be more inclusive through the correct use of the Personality Type framework.


Editing Your Own Documents

​Even the best writer makes mistakes when rushing out a document. We are experts at pointing out the mistakes of others but must take note to edit our own writing.


Principles for Internal Branding

​How well does each member of your organisation understand the essence of your brand in order to effectively deliver its brand promise?


Insider Trading: Why Your Internal Culture Matters More Than Ever

​Making meaningful positive changes to your internal culture is a powerful way to show consumers that your values align with theirs.

Best Business Practices in Thailand

​There are a few important practices new business investors in Thailand should know before plunging into the klong (canal) of commerce in the City of Angels and the Land of Smiles.

Thriving in a Disruptive World

​The ABCs of anchoring, balancing, and clearing help us to be whole and sustain good work.

Customer Service

Consumer Protection Laws

​By understanding the provisions of the CPFTA, businesses are able to implement fair practices in their transactions with consumers.

Information Technology

Inclusive Workplace for Employees with Disabilities

​Workplace accommodations, job re-design, assistive technology, and HR policies enable persons with disabilities to join the workforce—giving rise to more inclusive working environments.

Time Management

Progressive Policies for a More Inclusive Working Environment

​An in-depth understanding of changing family dynamics and a willingness to go the extra mile to offer well thought-out family-friendly policies can set an employer apart from its competitors.​

Emotional Intelligence

Building a Cultures of Appreciation and Gratitude in the Workplace (Part 1)

​When were you last recognised for a job well done? Do you commend others for doing a good job?


Change Communications: 10 steps to plan prepare and practice

​By taking time to plan, prepare, and practise the change communication, you can more effectively lead your organisation through difficult times, maintain morale and productivity, and help keep employees engaged.

Viewpoints from a Leader: Mr Gerald Png

​I speak to Mr Gerald Png (above right), director and sole proprietor of Soul Food Enterprise Pte Ltd to get his views on management and leadership.

Realising a Vision through People, Direction, and Planning

​A vision without a plan and people is just a pipe dream. A great vision will always accelerate your career and your business: you either succeed fast or fail fast.

Human Resources

Cultivating a Culture of Transparency in the Workplace

Driving Employee Effectiveness for a Lean and Productive Organisation

​Effective employees will strive to deliver their companies’ goals and help them thrive when they have a good experience.​

Preventing Workplace Disaster with Systems Modelling

​Organisations must start developing systems modelling competencies in order to leverage on these to make strategic decisions if they wish to gain agility in preventing workplace disasters.