Issue 4, 2018

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 Issue 4, 2018

Cover Story

Why the Power of Megatrends is About Your Own Power

​By looking at how the future could unfold, we stand a better chance of being rising stars by avoiding slow-motion train-wrecks.

From the Editor's Desk

From The Editors' Desks


Mentor or Sponsor: Which Do You Need to Accelerate Your Career?

​Being mentored teaches you how to become a mentor; gaining influence puts you in a position to be a sponsor.

It Is Not Enough to Disrupt!—Strategy // Core // Future

​Themed It is Not Enough to Disrupt!—Strategy // Core // Future, SIM’s SMF 2018 motivates leaders to revisit what it means to be human in a tech future.

Human Resources

Embracing HR Tech

​Almost all businesses require human capital to operate, so it would be naïve to believe that our legacy human resources (HR) processes can survive without any form of upgrade.

Staff Benefits to Satisfy Most Employees

​Some companies have very attractive bene-fits so they can easily hire talented staff. It is true that the larger companies can offer better staff benefits than small enterprises.


New Markets Hide in Plain Sight

​New market opportunities often hide in plain sight. Find them by asking provocative questions that challenge your assumptions.

Creativity in Generating Perceived Value

​We can practise being creative and identify value in four levels of needs: functional, emotional, life-changing, and social impact.

Customer Service

Service Clues for Customer Centricity

​A great customer experience is superior customer service; the experience is the service.


Fake News and Logical Fallacies

​The next time you catch yourself buying into a fallacy, pause and verify the facts. This might save you or your business from any unnecessary embarrassment and heartache.

Information Technology

Three Steps to Digital Transformation

​A successful digital transformation requires buy-in from the CEO, influential leaders, and the entire organisation.

Technology: The Lifeblood of Singapore Inc

Efforts must be made towards instilling a culture of digital literacy and learning in employees to successfully drive a technological workplace revolution and create a future-proof workforce.


Gender-Investment Gap: The Harsh Reality of Female-founded Start-Ups and How to Overcome it

​As much as women entrepreneurs deserve equal (or if not more) investments as men, they must prove it and work their way to the top—evening out the playing field for all.


A Reflection on Education for Sustainability

​The idea of education for sustainability has allowed society to expand education in schools and businesses to advance the circularity and evaluation of sustainability.

Emotional Intelligence

What is True Greatness: Wealth, Power, or Success?

​True greatness can be found in the kindness that allows us to contribute to the kinship in our corporate culture and a society that cares for each other.


Life Among the Dead: Why Businesses Fail in Sulawesi, Indonesia

​The Toraja are famous worldwide for their elaborate death rituals but there is another kind of death that lurks within the Indonesian islands.


Learning to Lead

​Learning to learn the right way can help us regain control of our destiny and the random walk of discovery can become a steady jog towards the future we want.

Leading Change in Multi-organisation Collaborations

​Organisations aspiring to lead multi-organisation collaborations must build foundational capabilities into these collaborations from the start. These include: a collaborative mindset, extreme inclusiveness, selflessness, total transparency, ultra-communication, and higher purpose.

Viewpoints from a Leader: Ms Wendy Liu

​I speak with Ms Wendy Liu to get her views on management, leadership, and find out more about ezbuy.

Nurturing a Serious Play Culture at Work (Part 2)

​The second of a two-part series touches on instilling serious play norms through leadership, designing the serious play structure, and aligning a company’s recognition system.

The F.A.S.T Approach to New Markets in the 21st Century

​The F.A.S.T. approach looks at the key essentials needed to counter the challenges faced in 21st century businesses.


The Challenges of 21st Century Businesses

​Two–in–three small-and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will see a risk of failure in the next three–to–five years.

Is Automating Singapore's Automobile Industry the End of the Middleman?

​Coupled with an agile, business-to-everyone approach, car dealership can be taken outside of the usual business pages to connect with target consumers across industries.

New Markets in Sustainability: Sindicatum Renewable Energy

​Sindicatum Renewable Energy Company Pte Ltd’s focus is to be a developer and operator of clean energy projects and a producer of sustainable resources from the utilisation of natural products and waste.


Chinese Leadership Lessons from Mozi (Part 2)

​The works of Mozi can be organised and interpreted for contemporary leadership and management practices in six categories. The second of a two-part series discusses the next three categories.