Issue 4, 2020

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 Issue 4, 2020

Cover Story

Harnessing Gender Diversity to Drive Greater Innovation in the Technology Sector

​How the power of gender diversity can propel digital transformation in the region’s technology sector.

Leveraging Diversity to Realise Innovation for Business Growth

​Innovation is a major engine of economic prosperity; leveraging diversity will assist with business recoveries.

From the Editor's Desk

From The Editor's Desk


This isn’t a Man’s World: Singaporean Women in Business

​Many articles discuss the lack of women in business. Here’s one that highlights the Singaporean women who break the barriers.


An Easy-to-Practice Guide For Everyday Leaders (Part 3)

​Dr Sheh’s guide for everyday leaders is especially useful during these trying times. Part one and Part two of the guide were featured in Issue 2 and Issue 3, 2020 respectively.

Nurturing Inclusive Leaders for a Diverse Workforce of the Future

​Organisations require a new type of inclusive leaders who are able to lead diverse workforce and navigate times of great uncertainty.

Leadership in Disruptive Times

​Competencies of disruptive leadership in managing the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the digital transformation at the workplace.

Leading from Home—The Legacy of Lockdown

​Effective lockdown leadership requires new thinking and new approaches, says author and leadership coach.

Information Technology

It Takes Two: Culture and Technology, Key for Transformation

​Like any marriage, it takes hard work—but can bring amazing results.

Emotional Intelligence

Five Ways to Improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace

​It is important for DEI to be part of the workplace. Ms Herbert suggests five ways for you to do so.

Public Relations

How Can Diversity Boost Innovation in Conservative South East Asia?

​The coming together of various ethnicities with different experiences in cities and communities is a key driver of innovation.


Diverse Teams and Collaborative Approaches to Boost Innovation

​We offer insights into approaches to enhance diversity and inclusion at multiple levels in STEM.


Viewpoints from a Leader: Ms Mei Lin Low

I interview Ms Mei Lin Low to get her insights on leadership, management, and we discuss diversity and how it helps companies be innovative.

Awakening to Act: Young Business Executives as Role Models

​Young business executives becoming role models in driving more responsible leadership are discussed in this article.

Building a More Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

​Singapore has come a long way in diversifying its workforce, but we can do more.

Diversity in a Conservative Environment: Nordic Entrepreneur Chefs

“We need to be traditional but not boring”. We try to better understand diversity among Nordic entrepreneur chefs.

Diversity, Inclusion, And Women In Management

​Diversity and inclusion is crucial in business. Dr Bleistein discusses the importance of women in management.

Minimum Wage Singapore: Towards a Living Wage

​Professor Rappa discusses the hot topic about minimum wages in Singapore.

The Pivot That You Probably Have Not Thought Of

​The author discusses why service from the heart makes business sense in a shaken world.

Do You Trust Local Brands More Than Global Ones?

​Local brands versus global brands – where do you stand?

Career Transition during a Crisis

​To be or not to be, a simple, complex question that many struggle with when it comes to their careers, especially during this pandemic.

Human Resources

The Confluence of Digitalisation and Talent Development in the Success of Maritime Singapore

​As the industry digitalises, a strong focus on talent development will be critical to ensure its continued success.