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 General Articles

  1. China’s Electronics Giant is Pawn in USA-China Trade War 27 Nov 2019 Tan Chee Teik ​The age of the fifth-generation information technology is upon us. China’s Huawei is a leader in 5G technology, way ahead of the United States of America (USA). To keep Huawei in check, USA is using Huawei as a pawn in the game of chess.
    Help Reduce Waste to Save the Environment 26 Nov 2019 Tan Chee Teik ​Plastic products were admired when they were first commercially available. But today, they are among the greatest pollutants on the planet. You can help to reduce waste and save the environment.
    Lenovo and Intel Fuel Harvard University’s First Liquid-Cooled Supercomputer, Create Visionary Council to Drive Broad Adoption of Exascale Technology 21 Nov 2019 ​Presenting the First Liquid-Cooled Supercomputer!
    Book Reviews: Quirky Japanese Story not Just for Cat Lovers 26 Aug 2019
    Qualtrics EmployeeXM Announces Guided Action Planning and New XM Solutions with Built-in HR Expertise from Over 50 People Science Experts Worldwide 5 Aug 2019
    Tips on How to Manage a Crisis 24 Jul 2019 Tan Chee Teik ​When a company crisis erupts, your crisis management team should aim to respond in such a way that will save your brand and reputation.
    DC Comic Illustrators Part of Stellar Guest Line-up at Singapore’s Largest Comic, Games, and Toys Convention This December 2019 24 Jul 2019 ​​
    From Teleshopping to mCommerce—Inspired by UK TV Shows, Asia’s First Price Drop Shopping App Doropu Lands in Singapore 24 Jun 2019
    In a Global Economic Slowdown, Luxury Continues to Outperform but Faces New Challenges 4 Jun 2019
    Singapore’s Construction Market Faces Challenges Ahead with a Slowdown in Public Sector Construction and Nervous Financial Markets 13 May 2019 ​Singapore remains fourth most expensive city in Asia to build in and both government and industry are embracing digital transformation to reach its full potential.
    Impact of Online Grocery Trends on Asian Businesses 18 Apr 2019 Bertrand Leong ​The Tetra Pak Index 2018 highlights four trends that are driving the growth of online groceries—convenience, sustainability, personalisation, and technology. The report also indicates that smart packaging will offer exciting opportunities to connect with consumers. I speak with Ms Libby Costin, Vice President Marketing, Tetra Pak Asia to find out more about the sort of impact online grocery trends will have on businesses in Asia.
    Deloitte Study: In Southeast Asia, only 15 per cent (19 per cent globally) of Business Leaders say they are ready to Lead Social Enterprises 17 Apr 2019 Deloitte ​Organisations leading the social enterprise are moving beyond mission statements to help bring meaning back to the workplace and human identity back to the worker.
    EZ-Link and Touch ‘n Go to Introduce Dual Currency Cross-Border Combi Card 10 Apr 2019 EZ-Link and Touch ‘n Go ​The partnership between EZ-Link and Touch ‘n Go aims to provide integrated digital payment at enabled touch points in Singapore and Malaysia for urban mobility and parking charges with a single card.​​​
    Qualtrics Expands on Largest Benchmark Library for Experience Management with Addition of Industry-leading XM Benchmarks and Custom Market Research 8 Apr 2019 Qualtrics ​Customers can easily access customer and employee experience benchmarks from NPS Prism, a new benchmarking venture from Bain & Company, IBM Kenexa WorldNorms, Walker, and the XM Institute.​
    Making Outstanding Presentations that Sell 8 Mar 2019 Tan Chee Teik A good presenter can win over the audience. The presenter must focus on selling, informing, and consulting.
    Singaporean Debut Gains High Praise in the Publishing World 25 Jan 2019 Sadie-Jane Nunis ​I find out more about the author whose debut received high praise by highly respected author Sir Ian McEwan and won key awards.
    Salary is not the Biggest Driver of Satisfaction Among Singapore Employees: Qualtrics Report 17 Jan 2019 Qualtrics ​Less than half (49 per cent) of Singapore’s employees are satisfied in their current job and two in five (40 per cent) of Singapore employees do not look forward to going to work in the morning. Healthcare workers have the highest levels of motivation (57 per cent) while workers in the finance industry were the least likely to be happy in their jobs.
    Global Startup Generator Helps Launch 13 Companies Out of Singapore, Expands Global Advisory Board 11 Jan 2019 Antler Global Startup Generator, Antler, completes its first cohort in Singapore, where 62 global founders have launched 13 companies at Antler's inaugural Demo Day in Singapore publicly on 10 January 2019. Antler also welcomes Professor Lawrence Summers and Mr Dominic Barton as global advisors and Mr Stefan Jung as a full-time partner to an extensive talent network of alumni from McKinsey, Google, Spotify, Harvard, MIT, and Stanford who went on to found successful enterprises around the world. It has plans for expansion to London, Amsterdam, Sydney, and two locations in the US in 2019.​
    New Year, New Surface: Create More with the New Line-up 7 Jan 2019 Microsoft Singapore ​Microsoft announces pre-orders of next generation Surface devices starting 3rd January 2019.​
    Accuracy of Intelligence Tests Questioned 4 Jan 2019 Tan Chee Teik We are curious about our own intelligence. So many subject themselves to intelligence tests. But select the test carefully as some are inaccurate.
    The Perfectionist in Me: Interview with Ms Rachel Heng (Part 3) 4 Jan 2019 In this third clip, Ms Rachel Heng shares about an author’s struggle with perfectionism and roadblocks in writing.
    Book Reviews: Number One Chinese Restaurant 2 Jan 2019
    Book Reviews: Miss Subways 2 Jan 2019