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 General Articles

  1. The Head Librarian Reads: Rockonomics 2 Jul 2020 ​SIM Library’s Head Librarian and Today’s Manager & M360 Editor gives her take on Rockonomics: What the Music Industry Can Teach Us About Economics (and Our Future) by Alan Krueger.
    Talkwalker Reveals the World's Most Loved Brands—Helping Marketers Reposition Themselves for the New Normal 26 Jun 2020 ​The new Brand Love Story 2020 report by Talkwalker demonstrates why love is critical for survival during economic downturns—and how your brand can earn it.
    The Head Librarian Reads: GuRu 25 Jun 2020 ​SIM Library’s Head Librarian and Today’s Manager & M360 Editor gives her take on GuRu by RuPaul.
    Traffic Police and Motorist Announce Strategic Partnership to Foster Safer Roads in Singapore 23 Jun 2020 ​Traffic Police to tap on Motorist mobile app to promote road safety and reduce careless acts.​
    Business Travel Doubles from April Lows as Economies Rebound 23 Jun 2020 Magnus Hultman ​Business trips seem to be on the rebound however, its figures are nothing compared to 2019.
    The Head Librarian Reads: Normal People 18 Jun 2020 ​SIM Library’s Head Librarian and Today’s Manager & M360 Editor gives her take on Normal People by Sally Rooney.​
    Instant Karma in Covid-19: When Bad People Get their Just Desserts 18 Jun 2020 Antonio Rappa ​Professor Rappa shares on some of his bad experiences during this Covid-19 period.
    Coping with Covid-19: How a Young and Handsome Lecturer Keeps Himself Occupied during These Trying Times 18 Jun 2020 Antonio Rappa Keeping busy during the Covid-19 period is easy if you plan it out like Professor Rappa.
    Celebrity as a Service–the New Media Model 18 Jun 2020 Dene Schonknecht ​Delivering valuable and authentic celebrity experiences: a new media consumption model. ​​
    Rough Landing: 2020 will be a Terrible Year for Air Transportation 18 Jun 2020 ​A tough year ahead for air travel means that measures will need to be put in place to save the industry.
    JLL says Offices will Face a ‘New Normal’ in Future Amid COVID-19 15 Jun 2020 ​Companies to focus on design and decentralisation as they prepare for re-entry.
    The Head Librarian Reads: Becoming 11 Jun 2020 ​​SIM Library’s Head Librarian and Today’s Manager & M360 Editor gives her take on Becoming by Michelle Obama.
    What does the Latest Fortitude Budget Mean for SMEs? 4 Jun 2020 Ng Li Lian ​What is in store for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with the latest fortitude budget announcement? Read on to find out.​
    Pound Could Drop Even Further—to US$1.18—in June: deVere CEO 29 May 2020 ​The Pound looks like it will drop even further in spite of its already poor performance to date.
    The Head Librarian Reads: Turning the Flywheel 29 May 2020

    SIM Library’s Head Librarian and Today’s Manager M360 Editor gives her take on Turning the Flywheel by Jim Collins.

    The Head Librarian Reads: SNUG 22 May 2020

    ​SIM Library’s Head Librarian and Today’s Manager M360 Editor gives her take on Snug in this installment. 

    Filling Up with Biogas at the Vuorenmaa Dairy Farm 20 May 2020 ​Reduce your carbon footprint by utilising biogas made from cattle manure to fill a tank. Say what?
    The Impact Of Government Stimulus On The Travel Industry 6 May 2020 Tim Hentschel
    How The Travel Industry Can Get Back On Its Feet 5 May 2020 Tim Hentschel
    The Head Librarian Reads: Surrounded By Idiots 30 Apr 2020

    ​With a controversial title like this, how does one NOT pick up this copy. Watch this for Head Librarian Sadie-Jane’s take on Surrounded by Idiots.

    The Head Librarian Reads: The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up 28 Apr 2020 Initially adverse to reading any Marie Kondo titles, Head Librarian Sadie-Jane finally caved when she saw the manga edition. It is reviewed in this instalment. 
    The Head Librarian Reads: The Testaments 20 Apr 2020 ​A wonderful follow-up to The Handmaid’s Tale. This 2019 joint Booker prize winner is reviewed in this instalment.
    The Head Librarian Reads: The Handmaids Tale–The Graphic Novel 27 Mar 2020 ​SIM Library’s Head Librarian and Today’s Manager & M360 Editor gives her take on The Handmaid’s Tale–The Graphic Novel.
    Recognising Exemplary Organisations Who Are Committed to Multiplying Corporate Good Efforts 12 Mar 2020 ​Launched in 2017, the Champions of Good 2020 is back!
    ​Valio Introduces Carbo® Farm Calculator—To Help Lower Its Farmers’ CO2e Emissions By An estimated 30 per cent Within 5 Years 10 Mar 2020 ​Valio’s aim is to cut the carbon footprint of milk to net zero by 2035. To accelerate its journey, the company is now launching a calculator that its farms can use to measure their own carbon emissions and identify the most effective actions to lower them. These actions are likely to result in dairy products with a lower carbon footprint. The methodology behind the tool is certified by global climate and sustainability experts, the Carbon Trust.