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 General Articles

  1. How Creative is your Business? 7 Dec 2018 Geoffrey Moss Having lived in a number of countries and worked in many, I recently searched Google Earth to visit some of my old haunts.
    What to Speak or Write without Fear or Favour 7 Dec 2018 Tan Chee Teik ​For democracy to survive, there must be freedom of expression by all citizens. However, free speech comes with responsibility.
    Hiring a Doctor to Run a Healthcare Business 2 Nov 2018 Tan Chee Teik Many debate if doctors are good managers. Some believe that physicians are there to cure illnesses and not to manage businesses. We look at whether business people and entrepreneurs are required to run a healthcare business successfully.
    ACI HR Solutions Announces 2018 Mentor of the Year Award Winner 2 Nov 2018 ACI HR Solutions ACI HR Solutions announced Ms Selina Sinclair, Global Managing Director of Pacific World, as the recipient of the 2018 Mentor of the Year award. Ms Kerry Healy, Vice-President Sales of Accor and Ms Jessie Khoo-Gan, General Manager of Dorsett Singapore were also acknowledged as highly commended mentors.
    Tetra Pak Index 2018 Projects Rapid Increase in Online Grocery Market Share by up to 7.3 Percentage Points in Key Asian markets by 2030 19 Oct 2018 Tetra Pack The Tetra Pak Index 2018 highlights four trends that are driving the growth of online groceries—convenience, sustainability, personalisation, and technology. The report also indicates that smart packaging will offer exciting opportunities to connect with consumers.
    New Research Uncovers US$500 Million Enterprise Value Opportunity with Data Literacy 19 Oct 2018 Qlik ​The Data Literacy Index, commissioned by Qlik and produced by Wharton School academics and IHS Markit, reveals a correlation between company performance and workforce data literacy. The Index revealed that organisations with a strong corporate data literacy score exhibit up to five per cent higher enterprise value. While the majority of business decision-makers recognise the importance of a data-literate workforce, less than 20 per cent are encouraging their employees to become more confident with data. 
    Global Organisations Launch the Data Literacy Project to Combat Data Illiteracy 19 Oct 2018 Qlik Global organisations including Qlik, Cognizant, Experian, and Pluralsight join forces to build a data-literate world for all. The project brings together extensive educational and professional training resources, interactive assessment tools, and access to a community of experts. Visit for more information.
    Getting Jobs Done 12 Oct 2018 Geoffrey Moss Successful chief executive officers (CEOs) are people who get things done. 
    The Tiger, the Cat, and the Dinosaur 12 Oct 2018 Bertrand Leong Competitiveness is a topic that has conquered the world. Politicians, businessmen, and media constantly refer to it. What does it mean and how does it influence our lives?
    The Millennial Revolution 12 Oct 2018 Bertrand Leong A Millennial revolution (those born between 1979 and 2000) is upon us. By 2020, millennials will make up over a third of the global workforce and make up Singapore’s largest generation in the workforce today.
    Selfish Policies in the Name of Brand Protection 5 Oct 2018 Tan Chee Teik Many companies go out of their way to protect their brand names. Some of their solutions may seem to be extreme but they do it to retain value in their brands.​
    Fetch Technology is Supporting Local Start-ups by Building In-house Tech Expertise 27 Sep 2018 Sadie-Jane Nunis Today’s Manager and M360 editor Ms Sadie-Jane Nunis (SJN) speaks to Mr Adrian Lim (AL), founder of Fetch Technology (Fetch). ​
    US$120,000 At Stake in CIMB’s 3D Conquest to Unearth ASEAN’s Top ‘Digital’ Talents 21 Sep 2018 CIMB Group Competition sets path for nurturing crucial skills in data science, FinTech, and coding among tertiary students.
    Overcoming Resistance to Change 14 Sep 2018 Geoffrey Moss ​Change should be a continuous process, not a sudden event. All activities should be evaluated honestly and objectively and constant changes should be made to improve the organisation. 
    Measuring Employee Engagement 14 Sep 2018 Tan Chee Teik It is a joy to deal with a company with employees that are often engaged. Companies should conduct surveys periodically to find out if their employees are engaged.
    The Mark of a Good Manager 17 Aug 2018 Geoffrey Moss Good delegators are always in demand and get the top jobs. 
    Motivated Employees Achieve More 10 Aug 2018 Tan Chee Teik The main job of a manager is to motivate staff to greater heights. Motivated employees are the greatest assets a company can have.
    Instilling National Pride in a Dying Trade: Acknowledging Unsung Heroes of Singapore’s Logistics Industry with #SGHaulier Movement for National Day 2 Aug 2018 Haulio As Singapore sleeps soundly at night, over 90,000 workers in our multi-billion-dollar logistics industry begin their night shift. Container haulage drivers, known as hauliers, work frantically behind the scenes up to 12 hours a day, seven days a week just to keep the wheels of our economy turning smoothly. Without these unsung heroes, retail merchandise, food supplies, and urgent parcels will go undelivered—local businesses will come to a complete standstill without the work of these passionate hauliers.​
    Visual Ways 20 Jul 2018 Geoffrey Moss Showing is more effective than telling.
    Soar into the Skies with EZ-Link’s National Day 2018 Commemorative Cards 19 Jul 2018 Exclusive designs feature SharityTM and Ang Ku Kueh Girl® alongside SAF Red Lions and RSAF Black Knights; with part of proceeds going to Community Chest.
    Talent Management Prepares Future Leaders 13 Jul 2018 Tan Chee Teik Managers of companies with talent management strategy must spend much time in coaching and mentoring selected employees.  
    Mr Martin Roll Featured In COMAG Magazine: Legacy Business As Heirloom 9 Jul 2018 In June 2018, Mr Martin Roll had his opinion piece on the secrets to successful family business strategy, family business succession, and how family business leaders can lead with impact featured in business magazine COMAG.
    Mr Martin Roll Featured in China Daily Asia: Brand New Day 9 Jul 2018 Mr Martin Roll was featured in an interview with China Daily Asia about the rise and potential of Chinese companies in the publication’s July 2-8 2018 edition.
    Listen to This! 22 Jun 2018 Geoffrey Moss Bosses who listen to their employees and to their clients are the most effective, as well as the most popular. 
    Five Activities You Shouldn’t Miss at Campus Party Singapore 22 Jun 2018 Campus Party Singapore Here is a list of top five things to check out at Campus Party Singapore held at the Singapore Expo Hall 7 from 6th to 8th July 2018.
    FinTech Company Platinum Analytics Optimises FX Trading with the Use of AI Technology 15 Jun 2018 Platinum Analytics ​Platinum Analytics, a FinTech start-up, aims to provide next-generation solutions for financial institutions by maximising the potential that artificial intelligence (AI) technology provides. Capitalising on AI technology to optimise forex (FX) trading, Platinum seeks to amalgamate China's FinTech talents with access to international financial markets in Singapore for greater collaboration between both countries.  
    Communicate like a Leader 8 Jun 2018 Tan Chee Teik ​To communicate well, leaders must acquire the latest knowledge in the industry. They must listen to others, read widely, interact with the right specialists, and learn from others’ experiences. 
    Ten Initiatives to Future-Proof Your Workforce In the Digital Age 21 May 2018 ​Technological advances are getting the majority of coverage in the future workforce debate but organisations really need to focus on how their workforce structures will adapt and evolve to gain competitive advantage and survive in the fourth industrial revolution.
    How Einstein Inspired a Future Workplace 21 May 2018 ​PRUWorkplayce is the brainchild of Mr Gaurab Banerji and his team at Prudential, Singapore. The organisation’s innovative workplace transformation is more in style with tech giants like Google than an insurance company, which is exactly where the new company culture wants to be.
    It Pays to Develop Excellent Customer Service 11 May 2018 Tan Chee Teik ​To get customers to return often, employees must spend a lot of time determining customers’ wants and how to fulfil them at great expense.
    Are You a Good Negotiator? 11 May 2018 Geoffrey Moss The ability to ask simple questions and listen intently to the replies are very important when trying to reach an agreement.
    Salesgasm Announces its 3rd Annual Intrigue Marketing Summit in Singapore 2018 9 May 2018 Salesgasm “Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing.” – Mr Mike Volpe, Boston Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Angel Investor, and Startup Advisor.
    Life Beyond Fear: Karina Hollekim 9 May 2018 Adapted from The Sunday Times After two broken knees, four fractures in her left femur, and 21 open fractures in her right leg, Ms Karina Hollekim was told by doctors that she would never walk again. ​
    Asia Consumer Trend Report 28 Apr 2018
    Hiring Managers Focus on Employee Experiences as Confidence Takes Hold in APAC 23 Apr 2018 HireRight ​HireRight, a leading provider of global employment background checks, announced findings from its 2018 APAC HireRight Employment Screening Benchmark Report.
    The Art of Networking 20 Apr 2018 Geoffrey Moss A clever person knows everything, a wise one knows everybody.
    How Humans and Machine can Align to Drive Organisational Productivity 16 Apr 2018 As we enter the fourth revolution it’s imperative that industries start to prepare for the workforce of the future. How will machines and humans align? How will structures and processes alter? How will the human workforce be upskilled?  ​​​
    What to Include in an Employee Handbook 6 Apr 2018 Tan Chee Teik ​The employee handbook is a very useful document for both recruits and existing employees. It covers many aspects of what they can or cannot do in the company. ​
    Long-Term Investors' Sentiment in Blockchain Assets Bullish; Short-Term Optimistic 4 Apr 2018 Huobi ​A sentiment index was compiled with results from 1,797 respondents from 23 countries through multiple channels. The index aims to quantitatively reflect the confidence and sentiment of global Blockchain assets investors in the market for different time periods.
    What is Campus Party? 28 Mar 2018 ​Campus Party is a festival celebrating creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Participants or “Campuseros” as they are referred to, instantly have access to a global network of change-makers who continue to drive positive change in the world.
    Resources to Share (R2S)—Pooling Machinery, Space, Manpower for Business on One Platform 27 Mar 2018 Resources to Share Collaborative consumption and resource sharing is key to success and innovation for businesses in today’s interconnected world. The optimised sharing of physical and non-physical resources coupled with the streamlined use of technology, peer-to-peer and social networks on the R2S platform results in reduced wastage and fully monetised assets (which previously were underutilised).
    IT Companies Increasingly Invest in Training and Assessment for Staff, New Study Finds 27 Mar 2018 Pearson VUE Information technology (IT) employers are increasingly investing in training and assessment for staff, according to a new survey by computer-based testing company Pearson VUE.
    Leading in Industry 4.0 23 Mar 2018 Professor Sattar Bawany ​“The fourth industrial revolution or IR 4.0 as it is commonly known, represents the combination of cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the Internet of Systems. In short, it is the idea of Smart factories in which machines are augmented with Web connectivity and connected to a system that can visualise the entire production chain and make decisions on its own. In this fourth revolution, a range of new technologies will evolve that combine the physical, digital, and biological worlds. These new technologies will impact all disciplines, economies, and industries, and even challenge our ideas about what it means to be human.” – Professor Sattar Bawany
    The Five Strategies: Interview with Dr Anju Jain (Part 3) 16 Mar 2018 ​​In the last of three clips, Dr Anju Jain discusses the five strategies or the five circles for success: onboarding oneself, onboarding one’s family, onboarding the organisation, onboarding networks, and the Partner Strategy.​
    Be Your Own Boss 9 Mar 2018 Geoffrey Moss ​​To start your own business and succeed, you must fulfil a need. Finding that need is the starting point. 
    Managers are Hired to Make Right Decisions 9 Mar 2018 Tan Chee Teik Managers are paid to make correct decisions throughout the working day. Sometimes you have to decide at a moment’s notice. At other times, you may have days to ponder over the challenge with a team.
    Build Bridges Not Walls: Driving Effective Culture and Change Management in Today’s Globalised World 5 Mar 2018 ​Sir Isaac Newton once said “We build too many walls and not enough bridges”. As Global VP Country Presidents Community Leader at Schneider Electric, Mr Saulo Spaolanse’s role is to change this perception. Based in Singapore, his job is to be a bridge and enabler between regional operations, business units, global functions (HR, finance supply, and marketing), and the executive committee.
    Trees Die from the Top: A Formula for Fixing Company Culture 5 Mar 2018
    Challenging Gender Roles: Interview with Dr Anju Jain (Part 2) 2 Mar 2018 ​​In this second clip, Dr Anju Jain discusses challenging gender roles, alleviating the role strain of women, and managing societal pressures on women’s roles.​
    Change Management Checklist for Intelligent Automation 2 Mar 2018 ​When disruptive technologies such as RPA, Intelligent Automation, and cognitive technologies are first introduced, it’s not uncommon for those spearheading such initiatives to encounter unprecedented levels of fear, confusion, and resistance to change across all levels of the organisation. 
    Workplace Automation to Double in Singapore in the Next Three Years – Willis Towers Watson 2 Mar 2018 Willis Tower Watson ​Automation will account for an average of 29 per cent of all work being done in Singapore the next three years, up from seven per cent in 2014; organisations are already taking steps to address skills and talent gaps, but few are prepared for the imminent challenges; half of Singaporean employers are already taking steps towards addressing talent deficits through workplace planning and action; and there will be increased expectations for leaders and managers to communicate how automation will affect workplaces. 
    iFREE Group and Globetouch Inc Join Forces in a Strategic Partnership to Offer Global Future-enabled Connectivity to IoT and AI Industry 2 Mar 2018 iFREE Group and Globetouch Inc Using always-on connections and 5G-enabled connectivity provides M2M and MNO operators with a seamless solution to a burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) market.​
    Asia Pacific Counts for One of the Highest Number of Countries with Severe Rating of Collection Complexity 26 Feb 2018 Euler Hermes ​Euler Hermes’ “2018 Collection Complexity Score and Rating” aims at measuring the level of complexity relating to international debt collection procedures within each of the 50 countries taken into consideration. Three main factors were analysed: local payment practices, local court proceedings, and local insolvency proceedings. It therefore provides a simple assessment of debt collection proceedings in each country, helping to support decisions and manage expectations when trading internationally.​​
    The New CEO 23 Feb 2018 Geoffrey Moss ​Tread softly when you begin working in a new organisation as you will be judged from the day you arrive.
    Women in Leadership Interview with Dr Anju Jain (Part 1) 16 Feb 2018 ​​In this first clip, Dr Anju Jain discusses the key challenges of women in the 21st century, changing roles, and the trends for women taking on leadership roles.​​
    Scenario Analysis: Interview with Dr Erik Elgersma (Part 3) 9 Feb 2018 ​In the last of three clips, strategic analysis expert, Dr Erik Elgersma discusses when to perform scenario analysis and the benefits of doing so.
    The Biggest Technology Experience in the World 8 Feb 2018
    Work-life Balance Makes Happier Employees 5 Feb 2018 Tan Chee Teik ​​The employer-sponsored work-life initiatives comprise a strategic framework known as the work-life portfolio, a key to the company’s total rewards strategy to attract, motivate, and retain employees.​
    The Unfolding Future, D.R.I.V.E, and Megatrends: Interview with Terence Tse and Mark Esposito (Part 3) 2 Feb 2018 ​In the third clip, co-authors of the book Understanding How the Future Unfolds: Using Drive to Harness the Power of Today’s Megatrends Dr Terence Tse and Dr Mark Esposito tell us about their book and the concept of D.R.I.V.E.​
    New Year, New Opportunities: How to Reset Your Career in 2018 29 Jan 2018 Ben Chew In reviewing your career journey for 2017, did you find it fun and challenging? Did you gain interesting experiences and developed new skillsets or passed your days doing the same dull and boring routines?
    Business War Games and Radar Systems: Interview with Erik Elgersma (Part 2) 26 Jan 2018 ​​In this second clip, strategic analysis expert, Dr Erik Elgersma discusses the use of business war games and radar systems.​​
    Eliminating Blindspots and Industry Forecasts: Interview with Terence & Mark (Part 2) 19 Jan 2018 ​In the second clip, Dr Terence Tse and Dr Mark Esposito share how leaders can eliminate their blindspots and share their thoughts on the plight of various industries over the next five years. ​​​
    Generating Knowledge, HUMINT, & Effective Elicitation: Interview with Erik Elgersma (Part 1) 12 Jan 2018 In this first clip, strategic analysis expert, Dr Erik Elgersma discusses the four ways to generate knowledge, the HUMINT (Human Intelligence) collection, what makes for an effective elicitor, and advises on how to maximise market intelligence.​​
    Ring In The New Year Right: 5 Fresh Tips To Find The Best Talent 11 Jan 2018
    Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace 8 Jan 2018 Tan Chee Teik With rapid globalisation and a shortage of skilled workers in some business sectors, the Singapore workforce has become more diverse. In many companies, we find employees with different religions, cultures, and expectations. Management must attempt to make them feel at home at the workplace.
    Workforce Trends & the VUCA World: Interview with Terence Tse and Mark Esposito (Part 1) 5 Jan 2018 ​In the first clip, Dr Terence Tse and Dr Mark Esposito speak about what trends newbies entering the workforce should look out for, why it is important for mature businesses to wise up to happenings in the VUCA world, and how corporations can prepare for uncertainty.