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 General Articles

  1. Annual Global Fraud Report Finds One-in-Four Consumers Victims of Card Fraud 23 Dec 2012 ACI Worldwide
    Small- and Medium-Enterprises to have Alternative Avenues of Cash Flow Funding in Singapore 23 Dec 2012 Bibby Financial Services
    Shareholder Activism Changes Corporate Approach to Executive Remuneration 18 Dec 2012 Mercer Increased shareholder activism and a desire for more corporate governance are driving changes in multinational executive remuneration. This has been identified as the single largest executive remuneration trend in 2012.
    Structogram Introduction 14 Dec 2012 Peter Stutz
    Improving Sales with Structogram 14 Dec 2012 ​Peter Stutz
    Book Review: The Introverted Leader 4 Dec 2012 Reviewer: Supriya Ahluwalia In the business world, one either comes across self-help books that emphasise commercial success or theories to strengthen one’s standing in the marketplace. Dr Jennifer Kahnweiler’s book—The Introverted Leader differs ever so slightly. It focuses on the quiet, organised, and focused individual who seems to know much but keeps being left by the wayside. 
    Interview with Dr Jennifer Kahnweiler, Author of The Introverted Leader 4 Dec 2012 Supriya Ahluwalia Dr Kahnweiler’s wealth of experience is evident in the way she differentiates each variety of introverts. An interview was conducted with her in conjunction with the review of her book The Introverted Leader to elicit her motivations and inspiration behind the text. 
    SIM Business Management Challenge 2012 19 Nov 2012 Jason Soon ​The SIM Business Management Challenge, BMC, was organised as a supporting event to the inaugural Singapore Institute of Management, SIM, Management Festival 2012. It brought students, faculty, and industry professionals together to participate in a real-world business case.
    Five Tips To Be a Good Manager 16 Nov 2012 Hayat Khalil Question: I have just become the new manager in my department. This is scary for me because I want to start off on the right foot with my department. It is important for me to know what being a good boss entails so I can prove that I am capable of leading a department. Any input on this?
    SIM Management Survey Forum 2012 16 Nov 2012 Jason Soon The Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) Management Monitor was first conducted in 2009. It aimed to be a comprehensive survey of management attitudes and sentiments in Singapore. 782 mid-level to C-suite managers from various organisations participated in the 2012 survey. The main focus of the 2012 survey were key management trends, focus on small- and medium-enterprises, SMEs, and management needs for the future.
    How to Write an Effective Press Release in One Hour or Less 12 Nov 2012 PR Buzz
    This article outlines the basic steps and instructions for writing a press release quickly. Writers that follow these simple rules should be able to write an effective press release in an hour or less.
    Seventeen Per Cent of Banks 'Clawed back' Compensation in 2011 20 Sep 2012 Mercer New survey data issued by Mercer shows that 14 per cent of global banking organisations have ‘clawed back’ compensation payments made to employees.
    Singapore CFOs Optimistic About Second Half Growth in 2012 19 Sep 2012 American Express Finance executives in Singapore are cautiously optimistic about economic growth prospects.
    Service Contracts Assure Steady Revenue Flows for Southeast Asian UPS Service Providers 19 Sep 2012 Frost & Sullivan The existence of a US$305.3 million market for the Uninterruptible Power Supply, UPS, service in Southeast Asia ensures a steady stream of revenue for service providers, as UPS products are usually sold with extendable annual service contracts.
    The Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (A*STAR) and Google Voted Ideal Employers in 2012 amongst Students in Singapore 14 Sep 2012 Universum Universum’s survey reveals appeal of the government´s key focus areas of talent development.
    ASEAN to Become Sixth Biggest Automotive Market in the World by 2018 14 Sep 2012 Frost & Sullivan
    “Inside Employers’ Minds” Initiative to Help Organisations Address Critical Workforce Challenges 14 Sep 2012 Mercer Resources and solutions to focus on three key issues—pension risk, benefit choices, and talent management.
    New Kid on the Spa Block 13 Sep 2012 Sadie-Jane Nunis Despite the economic situation, there are still people braving the economic situations to start their own business. Driven by passion or the fact that they cannot find someone who meets up to their expectations, they decide to venture out and start out on their own. What these new business owners need to be aware of are the challenges that they might face. More importantly, they need to be resilient and prepared for the ups-and-downs.
    Creating Blue Oceans to Make the Competition Irrelevant 7 Sep 2012
    Coaching by Managers: No Appointment Required 31 Aug 2012 Doug Riddle
    Meeting in Three Minutes 27 Aug 2012 Joe Laipple Joe Laipple introduces a science-based approach that leverages the power of positive reinforcement to put employees and managers on a path of producing results.
    Value Questions and Envisioning 27 Aug 2012 Joe Laipple Joe Laipple tells us how positively reinforcing actions boost performance.
    ASEAN Chief Executive Officers Keen to Leverage Social Networks and Focus on Collaboration 27 Aug 2012 IBM A new IBM study of more than 1,700 chief executive officers, CEOs, from 64 countries and 18 industries has revealed that CEOs are changing the nature of work.
    The Problem with Service Today 27 Aug 2012 Ron Kaufman
    82 per cent of Businesses in Singapore Might Not Be Able to Recover Lost Data and Systems 16 Aug 2012 EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC) has found that 82 per cent of companies in Singapore are not very confident that they can fully recover systems or data in the event of a disaster. Based on the disaster recovery survey 2012: Asia Pacific and Japan, 72 per cent of Singapore organisations lost data or suffered systems downtime in the last 12 months. These findings highlight the need for backup transformation from antiquated technologies that are not suited for today’s data growth or availability expectations.
    Frost and Sullivan: Growth Opportunities in the Contact Centre Applications Market 19 Jul 2012 Frost & Sullivan’s Information, Communications, and Technologies (ICT) Practice will host an analyst briefing on the Asia Pacific market for contact centre solution providers on Wednesday, 25 July 2012, at 1100 hrs (GMT +8.00 hrs) Singapore time.
    Blue Ocean Strategy 3 Jul 2012 Jason Soon Blue ocean strategy has gained much attention in the business environment. It has been practiced throughout history according to its authors. In Blue Ocean Strategy, W Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne advocate shifting focus away from “competition” to “creating uncontested market space.” The book is based on an examination of 150 strategic moves made between 1880 to 2000, and across more than 30 industries.
    Cyber Risk Management 28 Jun 2012 Chartis
    Service Backup Recovery Solution 28 Jun 2012 Kronicles
    Eight Keys to Unlocking Your Personal Charisma 28 Jun 2012 Eric Feng
    Getting Ahead of the Competition with the Power of Colour 23 May 2012 The power of colours giving business a competitive edge has been largely underestimated. Recent printing innovations have made it cost-effective to adopt colours in all aspects of business. In today’s cluttered market place, the difference between winning and losing an opportunity could very often lie with the ability to capture attention, create the desired impressions and build clear brand differentiation.
    Warehouse Optimisation—Important Components in any Warehouse 23 May 2012 Petros N Zenieris Over the past 30 years, the role and meaning of the warehouse has changed significantly. Greater emphasis is now being placed on customer satisfaction, retention, and the need to modernise the warehousing operation.
    American Express Launches Corporate Membership Rewards Programme to Drive Savings for Business 23 May 2012 First-in-market programme for all American Express Corporate Cardmembers offers great benefits and flexibility.
    LinkedIn buys SlideShare, Implications for the Industry 23 May 2012 LinkedIn has acquired professional content sharing platform SlideShare for US$119 million in cash and stock.
    Interview with Falconstor President and CEO Jim Mcneil 9 May 2012

    ​A exclusive video interview with Falconstor President and CEO, Jim Mcneil.​

    SIM Annual Management Lecture 2012 2 May 2012
    SIM National Management Comp 2 May 2012
    SIM Management Festival 2012 1 May 2012
    Governance of Stock Exchanges 1 May 2012
    Power of Digital Storytelling 1 May 2012
    Apple Worldwide Developers Conference to Kick off 11 June at Moscone West in San Francisco 2 May 2012
    Management Book of the Year 2011 and 2012 30 Apr 2012
    Mobile Payments: Life is More Secure In The Cloud 27 Apr 2012 Prashanth Ranganathan