Product Reviews: Ensure your Health and Well-being with Samsung Air Purifiers

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 Product Reviews: Ensure your Health and Well-being with Samsung Air Purifiers

Today's Manager
December 20, 2021

Samsung Electronics Singapore unveiled its range of Smart Air Purifiers, incorporated with cutting-edge technology and features to improve the air quality and enable consumers to maintain a higher level of hygiene and well-being. Available in two sizes, the Smart Air Purifiers offer purification coverage of 90m2 or 60m2—which is good for use if you live in a small apartment or living room for larger homes.

If you are looking for an Air Purifier that not only works well, looks sleek, and is ‘smart’, look no further than this latest range of offerings from Samsung. They are equipped with a Multi-layered Purification System and Three-Way Air Flow feature, so that consumers can breathe easy knowing that that they are inhaling the cleanest air possible. The purifiers can be controlled remotely via a smartphone through the SmartThings App and allow users to monitor and control the air quality in their homes—regardless of where they are.

The Smart Air Purifier comes in a neutral white colour and blends well with any interior. Its slim design ensures that it fits in almost anywhere, without taking up much space. Additionally, it comes with hidden wheels which enable users to move the air purifiers effortlessly, and adds to the overall clean, sleek design of the purifier.

The Smart Air Purifiers are designed to make the air cleaner and purer, so if you have anyone at home who suffers from allergies or asthma, I strongly suggest that you consider this range as the Smart Air Purifiers incorporate superior features that significantly reduce pollutant levels in enclosed environments. 

It may appear bulky to some or even look heavy however, have no fear, there are hidden wheels under it so that you can move it to where you need in the house and set it up. Given that the wheels are hidden, it is yet something else that Samsung pre-empted when designing this air purifier. Its maintenance is easy and convenient as you can even control it over Wi-Fi. Yes, you can actually tap on the SmartThings App to turn the purifier on or off, check the air levels, as well as use voice commands monitor air filter’s status. The filters are easy to replace and clean. In fact, its pre-filter is washable and vaccumable whereas the carbon deodorisation and HEPA filters need to replaced every six months. 

The Smart Air Purifier comes in two sizes, 60m2 and 90m2. It only comes in white. 


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