Fetch Technology is Supporting Local Start-ups by Building In-house Tech Expertise

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 Fetch Technology is Supporting Local Start-ups by Building In-house Tech Expertise

Sadie-Jane Nunis | General
September 27, 2018
Today’s Manager and M360 editor Ms Sadie-Jane Nunis (SJN) speaks to Mr Adrian Lim (AL), founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fetch Technology (Fetch). 

SJN : Tell me about your company. How long have you been around?
AL : Fetch Technology (Fetch) makes hiring and retaining high quality tech talent in Vietnam easy for companies all over Southeast Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, Fetch operates three facilities in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to support the technology manpower needs of companies. Fetch’s hiring and placement service covers everything a company will need to hire, retain, and grow a technology team in Vietnam.

The Fetch team's (pictured left) mission is to nurture, equip, and bridge Southeast Asia's talents to opportunities of great companies. 

 starts by finding and screening for suitable candidates through its networks and databases. Interviews are scheduled for shortlisted candidates so that clients can meet their potential hires in person. When a hiring decision is made, Fetch will facilitate all legal and administrative processes on behalf of the client to ensure that the new hire can be on-boarded and working on the client’s project in as little time as possible. 

What makes Fetch stand out is its approach to helping its clients retain and nurture talent. At the centre of Fetch’s proposition is the focus on building a culture that caters to the welfare and needs of the technology team it manages for clients. Through comprehensive welfare programmes and management of work output and discipline, clients can be confident that their team is well taken care of to make a positive contribution to the company.

Clients are also welcome to visit Fetch’s offices to work with directly with their technology team whenever required.

We have been around for three years.
SJN : What made you start this company?
AL : We started this company because we ourselves faced much difficulty in hiring software developers a couple of years ago. We then embarked on this mission to bring the best software developers to companies in the most fuss-free manner.

SJN : What is your leadership/management style like?
AL : We practise a largely horizontal management structure where we all work on the same level doing what we need to do.

SJN : How many staff do you have?
AL : Eighty-five.

SJN : What is your company culture like?
AL : Fun and family-oriented.

SJN : What makes your company stand out from the rest?
AL : We invest a lot in the development and well-being of our people, making sure that the needs of each individual is met.

SJN : What are your aspirations for your company?
AL : To become Asia's largest provider of tech talents.

SJN : Why should a fresh graduate consider joining your company?
AL : We have robust training programmes to advance the skills of our people. Also, we are a fun company to work in.

SJN : What are some of the challenges you have faced thus far?
AL : Cross-boundary operations has to be one of the stiff challenges we faced. We had to learn at the beginning how to operate the business in Vietnam.

SJN : What are some of your finest achievements?
AL : Seeing some of our clients grow their tech team from two people to a large-sized team.

SJN : Where do you see your company going in the next five to 10 years?
AL : We see ourselves operating facilities in more parts of Asia and bringing the best of Asian tech talents to the world.

About Fetch Technology
Fetch Technology (Fetch) is a Vietnam-based coder training and placement facility which invests in South East Asia’s most talented developers, and integrates them into the world’s best tech companies.

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