Product Reviews: Fresh, Sweet, and Sustainable!

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 Product Reviews: Fresh, Sweet, and Sustainable!

Today's Manager
December 20, 2021
The crawfish were delivered fresh and were big considering I expected them to be the size of the ones that I had eaten before.

Given that my fiancé Jerrid is an amazing cook, he decided to keep it simple and boil the crawfish with a dash of his special seasoning. The end result was some really amazing crawfish as they were sweet, meaty, and scrumpdidlyumpcious. It was not even necessary to dip the meat into the special lemon-butter that was prepared. 

My mom went the Singaporean route and cooked the fresh crawfish with a Chili Crab style sauce. That was so delicious too. What I want to try next (both the home chefs cooking of course, I am only the taster), is to eat them lobster roll style. As I am typing this, my tummy started rumbling as it is almost dinner time.

It was so good that within less than a month, I was putting in another big order with @singaporecrawfish because these guys always deliver the freshest, sweetest, and some of the biggest crawfish that I have seen.

Apart from that, knowing that I am supporting a local company always puts a smile on my face. Desmond and his team are top notch in terms of customer service so now only are you getting wonderful crawfish, you are also getting top notch service levels.

You have a choice of either getting them live and cooking them yourself OR you can get them freshly cooked in Cajun, Mala, or black pepper flavours.

Fresh from their sustainable farm, I strongly recommend that you check when delivery will be when you are placing your orders so that you are ensured of the freshest delivery. 

The farm also has ornamental crawfish so if you are looking for an interesting new pet, that’s another route you can consider too.

By supporting @singaporecrawfish, you are not only supporting a local business, but more importantly, you are supporting a sustainable business that has found innovative ways to play their part in the food sustainability game. Read more about this business in this issue’s article Transforming the Future of Food written by founder and CEO of Singapore Crawfish Desmond Chow.


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