Getting Ahead of the Competition with the Power of Colour

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 Getting Ahead of the Competition with the Power of Colour

May 23, 2012

The power of colours giving business a competitive edge has been largely underestimated. Recent printing innovations have made it cost-effective to adopt colours in all aspects of business. In today’s cluttered market place, the difference between winning and losing an opportunity could very often lie with the ability to capture attention, create the desired impressions and build clear brand differentiation.

Research has pointed to the ability of colours to draw attention to business documents.  People are 55 per cent more likely to pick up a full colour piece of mail compared to a monochrome print. Colour increases attention span and recall of information on a printed piece of information by 82 per cent. Those prints are 80 per cent more likely to gain readership.

These figures demonstrate the effect that colour can have in marketing. The same piece of direct marketing material, if coloured, evokes a more favourable response to messages. Similarly coloured marketing collateral helps make marketing strategies easier to remember in the period after exposure.

With colours, companies gain more attention, top-of-mind recall, and better results.

Beyond marketing and brand building, the use of colour in business processes can create higher productivity rates. It has been found to reduce search time and errors on documents by up to 80 per cent—any stressed staff member going through tonnes of documentation will be thankful to businesses fully utilising colour in their work prints. Businesses can benefit from the appropriate usage of colour to lift sales and boost profit margins.

Research has shown that colour helps to sell up to 80 per cent more when product packaging and marketing material is enriched with it. Colour increases brand recognition by the same percentage too.

Colour Printing: Sense and Cents
Achieving quality colour prints should be important for companies. Several advances have been made in print technology. For example, colour-matching allows users to select from unique menu of words to fine-tune the colours they desire and to produce accurate printouts. 

While most businesses are quick to see the advantages of colour, they are less convinced that it is the way to go, due to its perceived high costs. Traditionally many companies have traded quality print for lower-end printers to reduce operational costs. By doing so they have compromised on the image they are projecting. They may reduce the initial cost of purchase but end up spending more on less-efficient print consumables, repair, and maintenance in the long run.

RAM I Pte Ltd, a home-grown company which provides office supply brands to enterprises, managed to save 30 per cent of its total business cost by using a Fuji Xerox print service called PagePack. The service provides a cost-per-page, tiered colour printing solution to companies.

Mike Foo, managing director of RAM I, says: “I appreciate the solutions approach and technical support that comes with a managed print service. We can now print more freely in colour as we continue to grow the business.”

Instead of purely considering initial costs of purchase, it is essential for businesses to look at the total cost of ownership and the efficiency of printing devices.

Several models in the market come with colour printing technologies and supporting solutions that are capable of achieving low cost-per-page printing. Others are built with energy-saving technologies to reduce energy costs. Others carry print management software to reduce wastage by restricting the number of allowed users of the printer and the misuse of the colour printer.

Progress in managed print services has delivered new opportunities for colour printing. It enables integrated print fleet management and variable pricing for printing in colour, which means that businesses can now print at a cheaper price. Along with technical support, the total cost of ownership is lower and more convenient for customers.

Fuji Xerox Printer Channel. Sourced from a whitepaper, “20 Ways to share the Colour Knowledge”, by Fuji Xerox.
Copyright © 2012 Singapore Institute of Management

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