Fun Times at the Geek Mecca 7th and 8th December!

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Home > Articles > Fun Times at the Geek Mecca 7th and 8th December!

 Fun Times at the Geek Mecca 7th and 8th December!

December 18, 2019

Snaking queue of fans at the entrance of SGCC

Editor Sadie-Jane shares the many highs at the recent SGCC (Singapore Comic Convention 2019).

Geeks to the left of me. Geeks to the right of me. Honestly, there were times I could barely tell one Spiderman apart from the other. What was amusing though were the numerous Thors (some who had paste-on beards!) that I saw at the event. Call me bias, but I felt my Thor (my fiancé) looked more the part with his bulging muscles so I was tickled pink.

I saw many of my friends at the event as I knew quite a number who regularly attended. This year proved to be no different. A friend from the Philippines who my geek pack (we call ourselves the True Believers mind you) made in 2018 decided to get himself a booth and was an exhibitor this year. Mr Jojo Hilario is an avid comic book lover as well as a pretty good artist and decided to showcase it to the world. I am waiting in anticipation for the completion of his first comic book. I do not want to spoil the surprise so all I can say is keep a lookout for him!

With Kinokuniya Books taking a big space as always, an interesting highlight for me was Kalibak Komiks! Good lord almighty! Their collections varied in prices and I couldn’t help but drool over their very vast selection. I managed to pick up two gems, one of which was later signed by one of my favourites, Mr Andy Kubert (left).

I have quite a number of comics by Mr Kubert as well as his father however, I did not bring them with me as I wasn’t sure whether there would be any autograph sessions.

I wanted to scream when I saw that there was a possiblity of getting an autograph! However, Christmas came early as my fiancé generously bought the Wolverine Origins II signed copy that was an exclusive with a mighty big price tag! I squealed so much I’m surprised that the dogs didn’t hear me. I also got a few prints and the comic that I got from Kalibak Komiks was a special one for Mr Kubert too as that was one that he did with his dad. So yay!


The almost yearly meeting with the amazing and wonderful Mr David Mack (right) was awesome as always.

I’m so thrilled that he comes back yearly and I always take photographs with him so I was pleased as punch. As always, I got signed prints. One day Mr Mack… one day I’ll want a commissioned piece from you.



Another one that made me squeal with happiness is Ms Sarah Andersen (left). Love her! Got her to sign off on my favourite page of her book Big Mushy Happy Lump. In fact, that’s almost like my perfect meme. She was absolutely lovely too.

What puzzled me a little was the WWE style ring however, though I used to watch wrestling when I was growing up, wasn’t so much my thing now so I passed on that. The LEGO section was fabulous and it tempted me to get my Batmobile (based on the 1989 Batman movie).

The Tokidoki store was fun however, the queues were not. What annoyed me though was the fact that the security for the store seemed to be bias. There was no system whatsoever as he didn’t allow people in when people went out. And though there were those who queued for an hour at least, he seemed to just let some random people in. That annoyed quite a few people who were in line for a long time. In fact, the queues to get Jock’s and Mr Kubert’s autographs were more systematic in spite of having snaking queues.

Many of us didn't know that there were other food stalls at the back as they were not clearly demarcated. I only saw two stalls myself and then later found out from my friends (i.e. the other True Believers) that they found out post-event. Hopefully, there will be better signages next year.

Some of my stash! The X-men and Ghost Rider comics were from Kalibak Komiks.

I  cannot wait for next year’s and I hope that many exciting others come. Here’s a hint–please get Mr Nathan Fillion and Mr William Shatner. I cannot help it… I love Star Trek and his days might be numbering. Looking forward to reviewing next year’s events and I wait in anticipation for what’s to come. 

Till then my dear readers. Excelsior!



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