Hubilo Unveils an Enhanced All-in-one Event Platform

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 Hubilo Unveils an Enhanced All-in-one Event Platform

July 19, 2021
Whether your teams are co-located, distributed or remote, Hubilo provides a collaborative, more engaging, and more productive, intuitive experience with diverse options for real-time or asynchronous streamlined navigation.

Hubilo​, ​the virtual + hybrid event platform built for engagement and event excellence, introduces an enhanced version of its platform with features designed to improve overall attendee engagement, foster even greater human connections, and help elevate the return of investment (ROI) of events. The online collaborative event platform brings people and teams together, anytime, anywhere.

Users in Singapore spend an average time of 8.07 hours on the Internet each day, placing the country second in terms of internet penetration rate within the South-east Asian region as of mid-2020.
1 While Singapore placed second in the World Digital Competitiveness Ranking 2020 after the United States, they came in first in the Asia-Pacific region. 2

While various technologies have allowed people to effectively conduct work, meetings, and conferences online, the pandemic has proven unpredictable. Hybrid events are seen as a solution in this next normal, providing flexibility for organisers to achieve the best of both physical and virtual formats. In a survey conducted by the Singapore Tourism Board and the Singapore Association of Convention & Exhibition Organisers & Suppliers, 91 per cent of event organisers are looking to subscribe to a hybrid model. Out of those, 81 per cent are still learning and experimenting with this new format.

By integrating the attendee experience and engagement, customer support, analytics, and insights, Hubilo revolutionises the way events are done by making a more experiential, personalised, responsive, scalable, and ROI-driven platform.

CEO and Founder, Vaibhav Jain, said: “Fostering human connections is at the core of Hubilo, and what differentiates an exceptional event from a Webinar. Hubilo’s technology enables everyone to plan and execute flawless events and attend from anywhere. With Hubilo’s years of event expertise, intuitive platform, and white-glove support, we believe that we are up-levelling what people can expect from virtual and hybrid events, changing the category in the same way that Netflix transformed home videos and enabled people to personalise their content experiences over digital channels.

The improved Hubilo comes with a slew of new capabilities and enhancements, including:

Robust Engagement Features (Greater focus on the attendees): Attendees have a quick overview of the current event happenings through the ‘What’s Happening’ section, making it easier for them to join any activity. Attendees can participate in activity-centric engagement tools, such as gamification, live polls, and Q&As, and be more expressive with Hubilo’s fresh new interface that includes reactions and emojis. Attendees can even schedule a meeting right from the chat;

Enhanced Sponsored Interaction Capabilities: Completely revamped networking lounges and demo rooms include virtual booth chats, polls, and Q&As for Sponsors and Exhibitors that allow for seamless interaction between attendees. Revamped onboarding for attendees will keep it engaging for attendees to share their information to event organisers, allowing them to customise the experience within the platform; attendees can see more of sponsor brands as well as the organiser’s brand in different areas; and 

Streamlined and Minimalist Navigation: The attendees will be able to navigate through the entire event intuitively—making it easy to engage with everyone in either a virtual or hybrid setting and understand what is happening at any time. The complete event schedule is displayed on a single page and is simple to explore along with the global side panel that adds to the overall experience by cultivating relevant information depending on which part of the event the attendees are at. Attendees can then filter live sessions or search for specific talks based on their interests.

ubilo’s entire event can easily be streamed through a mobile app, exactly as you would with your laptop. This is inclusive of all activities, entering a session or an exhibitor’s booth, securing a seat in the networking lounge, participating in the polls, games, Q&A’s or simply engaging with a fellow attendee. In a hybrid format, the app will act as a key enabler in connecting the offline and online attendees.

Commenting on Singapore and Asia Pacific’s importance, Vaibhav Jain added: “Asia-Pacific is a diverse region and home to economies that are leaders in digitalisation, including Singapore. Hubilo sees great value in having a technologically empowering platform that moulds connections despite the diversity and surpasses physical limitations, therefore helping businesses reach their audience and flourish in the long run.”



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About Hubilo Technologies Inc.:

Hubilo is the virtual and hybrid event platform built for engagement and event excellence. Hubilo's mission is to drive engagement—first and foremost—yielding greater business results. Engagement with your deeply branded experience, paired with our proactive and full-time customer success team, ensures every event run on the Hubilo platform executes perfectly every time.

Hubilo is headquartered out of San Francisco in the US, with offices in London in the UK and Bengaluru in India with clients in the United States, Europe, APAC, Middle East, and Africa. Hubilo’s 500 plus clients are inclusive of names like United Nations, Roche, Informa Markets, Tech in Asia, Fortune, AWS, Siemens, Cognizant, GITEX, Infosys, Coca-Cola, Deloitte, SAP, Whatfix, Word Press, University of Oxford, and several others.



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