Product Reviews: Pick the Golf that Best Suits your Lifestyle and Pocket

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 Product Reviews: Pick the Golf that Best Suits your Lifestyle and Pocket

Today's Manager
June 1, 2018

IN a short span of time, I test-drove not just one but two Volkswagen Golfs, namely the Golf TSI and the Golf R. The interesting point to note is that they fall within two ends of the spectrum with one being the base entry model (TSI) and the other being the high-end (R). All the Golfs have a sharpened design and some interesting innovative technological upgrades too. However, comparing the two ends of the spectrum, you can tell the vast difference between the TSI and the R. Let’s start with the TSI first.

The TSI feels like a base entry model to be honest but in comparison to some other entry level models, it has more to offer. For the first time, the 1.0-litre TSI engine is turbocharged. The TSI is the latest to be introduced in terms of the Golf range and though it is a base model, it comes with the LED daytime running lights and Bluetooth connectivity. It was a fun ride but the base entry TSI  does face a lot of competition, especially at its price point and I felt that there was not enough to convince me to pay that price for this car in Singapore save for the turbocharged engine.

As for the R, this is a different story altogether. The turbo 2.0-litre, all-wheel-drive has a seven-speed dual-clutch unit. With other luxury add-ons like an expanded eight-inch infotainment screen that can be swiped with the wave of one’s hand if the driver wishes to make changes, you know that there is a reason why the R has the price tag it does. I loved the R especially since I selected the sports mode for most of my drives around Singapore. Last I checked, the price tag is over S$200,000. Though I think that the Golf has stepped up with the R model and this would be a great cross-country drive, I am not too sure how many Singaporeans will bite. I have to say though that driving this model (R) was indeed a wonderful experience, and I wish I had more time to drive around in it.


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