Recognising Exemplary Organisations Who Are Committed to Multiplying Corporate Good Efforts

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 Recognising Exemplary Organisations Who Are Committed to Multiplying Corporate Good Efforts

March 12, 2020

Launched in 2017, the Champions of Good 2020 is back!

Singapore is increasingly giving back, both in time and in wealth. In fact, NVPC’s 2017 Corporate Giving Survey found that over half (52 per cent) of businesses in Singapore were already involved in corporate giving, with another 31 per cent being keen to start.

Organisations are also looking at doing well by doing good—it is an integral part of how companies engage stakeholders and inspire their employees. For many, this means going beyond financial contributions, and aligning their contributions and impact on the community with organisational values. As organisations leverage on their strengths, resources and networks to do good, they build sustainable communities, and bring direct and indirect benefits to the company—achieving win-win outcomes.

To celebrate organisations as catalysts of change in doing good, the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC)’s Company of Good (COG) has launched its call for applications for organisations to be recognised as Champions of Good 2020. Returning for its third edition, Champions of Good is part of the COG’s efforts to nurture a collaborative corporate community that gives back strategically, sustainably and impactfully.

Champions of Good was launched in 2017 as a national recognition under the COG to recognise organisations that are exemplary and committed to multiplying their corporate giving efforts. This makes them unique, in that beyond establishing strategic, sustainable, and impactful corporate giving within their company, Champions of Good also rally external stakeholders such as customers and suppliers to amplify the impact and extent of their doing good efforts.

Organisations that are nationally recognised in the Champions of Good 2020 will join 74 previous Champions of Good. Apart from being an inspiration to fellow peers, they will also be a part of the COG corporate community. This provides them with the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded businesses to set new benchmarks in instilling a giving and doing good culture within their organisation—further amplifying their impact in the community through this collaborative journey.

Judging Criteria
Each applicant will be assessed by a multi-sector judging panel based on their contributions as a role model for corporate giving, as well as their ability to rally others and amplify their giving. COG’s four ‘I’s framework for good and holistic giving will be used to guide and assess each applicant’s giving efforts. The four ‘I’ framework comprises:

  1. Investment: How extensively and strategically a company gives;
  2. Integration: How giving is integrated with business functions and supports business interests;
  3. Institutionalisation: How giving is supported by policies, systems and incentives; and
  4. Impact: How mechanisms have been put in place to measure impact.

Deadline for applications
Companies interested to apply to be a Champion of Good are invited to apply by Monday, 30 March 2020 on the awards website here.

Additionally, organisations are also encouraged to nominate potential partners or clients, by simply sending an email of the nominee’s contact details to

Champions of Good will also be considered for the President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Awards (PVPA), the pinnacle award and platform that recognises individuals, organisations and groups that have achieved excellence in giving. These awards represent the highest honour for giving to community and are conferred by the President of the Republic of Singapore.


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