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Bountie: How it Plans to Contribute to the Smart Nation Movement Jonathan Toyad ​Bountie uses blockchain technology to power up its platform so players in gaming and esports can make a living without being esports
elites and succumbing to the high pressure lifestyle.
Five Provocative Questions for your Smart Nation Readiness Steven Bleistein ​Smart Nation can be your greatest opportunity. The key is to forget about technology and focus on business acumen. How good is yours?
Getting Ahead with Free Trade Tan Chee Teik ​As international trade continues to proliferate, countries that feel they are not benefitting as much from trade agreements may arbitrarily lock their doors to free trade or renegotiate new agreements.
Reflections on Consumer Trust: Lessons from United Airlines' PR Crisis Jeremy Foo ​The answer to public relations lies not in skillfully crafted narratives or contrived statements to avoid liability, but rests in trust and the interests of public good.
Workplace Communication in the Digital Age Bertrand Leong ​Consider the digital communication tools available and pick the best combination to get your messages across.
The Art of Leadership: Wisdom from the Ancient Chinese (Part 2) Sheh Seow Wah ​The second of a two-part article discusses a list of 19 behavioural characteristics of a wise leader based on the schools of legalism, humanism, and naturalism.
Three Biggest Problems of Business Owners and What Stops Them from Scaling Norman Yeo ​Business owners need predictable and easily scalable lead generation strategies with some money spent on advertising so that their salespeople can qualify and close the leads while marketing generates them.
The Art of Rejection Elisa Park ​Is it too late now to say sorry? Mastering the art of rejection is the first step in finding some of the best talents for your company.
Finding Long-Term Business Sustainability in the Food Industry through Systems Thinking Jenson Goh ​Food industry businesses can be sustainable with a food distribution system that redistributes wasted food more evenly especially to individuals who are food insecure.
Preparing For A Smart Future Jo Owen ​Hoping that the education system delivers what employers need may be a long wait. We must take control of our destiny by preparing ourselves and our teams for the future.