Service Backup Recovery Solution

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 Service Backup Recovery Solution

Kronicles | General
June 28, 2012

SINGAPORE-based data management provider Kronicles has launched a fast recovery and secured data protection service for small-and-medium businesses, SMBs, called Backup as a Service. 

The region’s first solution provides a fully managed and monitored backup service. It features both on-site and off-site backup through a dedicated link. The service does not require any upfront investment or staff and maintenance costs.

There are other enterprise solutions in the market that promise both on-site and off-site backup but often require customers to buy expensive equipment. Services that backup via a network storage device can be easily damaged in a disaster. This causes a long recovery period over a slow Internet connection.


Backup as a Service, BaaS, is delivered through a round the clock, end-to-end system monitoring, and management system. A periphery onsite device, POD, backs up data from a customer’s E-mail and application servers, and keeps it for up to 30 days. Using a local network, the POD can back up files much faster.

Every day, data is copied in the off-hours over a dedicated link to Kronicles’ secure data facility for off-site protection. This does not affect the regular Internet link used by staff. At the end of each month, Kronicles provides a copy of the data on a fast and high-capacity data storage tape. This means that there is a local copy of data that can be called up to ensure that business processes are executed smoothly.

Group chief executive officer of Kronicles, Piti Pramotedham, says: “Data is the lifeblood of all businesses, and SMBs are no different in their needs to backup and restore their most important files to ensure the business continues to run despite unexpected events.”


Kronicles partners include StarHub, Quantum, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Head of StarHub's enterprise business group, Kevin Lim says: “StarHub will offer the solution at a monthly subscription and we will support a complete range of after-sales services. These include deployment, customer enquiries, technical support, and billing.”

Technology partner Quantum’s Jeff Lebold, Asia-Pacific vice president , commented: “As customers put a priority on protecting their valuable information, the growing volumes of data, stricter compliance regulations and shrinking budgets, all make preserving data a big challenge. IT managers need real-time access to data, reliable backups and cost-effective retention.”

 “Contingency events are unpredictable and can severely disrupt business operations and cause crippling financial loss. Regardless of the size or nature of operations, companies should identify potential threats to business disruption and have appropriate business continuity” added Gerard Tan, partner, risk and controls solutions of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

The BaaS solutions range from 200GB to 1TB of data backup, support for three to 10 windows servers, and costs S$5,000 a month. Singapore-based corporations can apply for a tax rebate until 2015.

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