Book Reviews: Sleeping Beauties

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 Book Reviews: Sleeping Beauties

Today's Manager
June 1, 2018

Sleeping Beauties
By Stephen King and Owen King
Hodder Paperbacks
Reviewer: Sadie-Jane Nunis

Father-son Duo Gives Readers Goosebumps

SO, this was a big deal for me in terms of my reading list as I am a big chicken. I have never ventured to read any books by either Mr King due to the horror aspect of it. Having a rather overactive imagination, I felt that I would likely freak myself out and have one too many sleepless nights.

Now that I am older, and succumbed to pressure to watch The Shining and IT (both the original and the updated versions), I decided that I had to read the book by this father-son duo. Given that I have also set a rule for myself to not give up reading any books that I pick up for 2018, I knew I had to stick to the Kings whether I had nightmares or not.

Since I had not read either King before, I could sense when there was a change in the writing style, I just could not figure out who wrote which part. It was an intriguing, excellent read that I could not put down, even when at times, I did shudder and get goosebumps. I persevered and was glad I did.

Sleeping beauties is about a weird phenomenon whereby if women fall asleep, many end up cocooned in some sort of gauze. If anyone tries to wake them or remove the gauze, the women end up becoming extremely violent. In a small town in West Virginia, numerous female prisoners are hit by the virus, well, all except one, Evie. She is able to go to sleep and wake up without being affected unlike Sheriff Lila Norcross who is battling to stay awake so that she can figure out how to stop this madness. Men left to their own devices end up battling each other out of frustrations. How much worse can this get?

I have heard about what an amazing writer Mr Stephen King is and having read this book, I am curious to also check out his son’s writing. The page-turner aspects and the imagination behind the story made me gasp, shudder, and yelp at various times. I guess that those are elements of a good horror story, right? Now, on to Mr Stephen King’s backlist.


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