Viewpoints from a Leader: Mr Joel Leong

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 Viewpoints from a Leader: Mr Joel Leong

Sadie-Jane Nunis | Today's Manager
March 1, 2018

I speak with Mr Joel Leong to get his views on management, leadership, and find out more about his company, Grouphunt.

"Grouphunt is Singapore’s largest group buying platform Grouphunt is Singapore’s largest group buying platform for enthusiasts”, according to their Web site. Buying as a group is more economical than buying alone and it has been proven on numerous occasions. Check out their Web site and you know this to be true.

Founder Mr Joel Leong set up Grouphunt simply because he noticed the gap in the market and with the flexibility of the Internet, he knew he could do very well in fulfilling this need.

All the community needs to do is post their interest in a product, then Grouphunt takes over the negotiations from there, soon the hunt goes live, and before you know it, the item is ready to be delivered or picked up from their office. It is truly that easy and I can vouch for it as I have tried it out myself. The best part is the bigger the group backing up the sale, the better the discounted rate you will receive. Win-win for all sides. The range of products are diverse as it covers everything from audio and travel, to writing instruments.

Backed by a small but capable, youthful team, Mr Leong is changing the way Singaporeans are able to vy for new products at better prices in the market. I speak to him to get his views on management and leadership.

Sadie-Jane Nunis (SJN): There is a constant debate that management and leadership are different. What are your thoughts?

Mr Joel Leong (JL): There’s an image that I like which I feel represents this well.


SJN: What is your management or leadership style like?

JL: I believe in empowering people and fostering an environment where they can develop their best work. I am still learning how to do this well, towing a balance between clearly communicating my vision and what the company needs, while aligning it with the individual goals of my teammates.

SJN: What strengths should an effective leader have?

JL: I think a good leader is someone who can set the vision, lead by example through execution, and also have the patience to listen.

SJN: How do you stay motivated?

JL: I try to compartmentalise and be effective with my time. This means being very productive and producing high output when I am at work, and when I am not working, I try to make sure I decompress and spend time with my family.

SJN: How big is your team, how young are they, and how do you manage and motivate your team?

JL: We run with a team of six, with the average age of the team being 30. We are a small team by choice, and as such the roles and goals are very clearly defined. We have weekly meetings where we set goals and measure our progress. This is balanced out by an encouraged, motivated team that has genuine fun together, as opposed to enforced corporate-like get-togethers. Taking the time to get to know each member and being invested in their own personal progress and accomplishments is the company’s backbone and strength. Growing a team is a very organic process so we have also become very selective on the hiring front as we want every new hire to take our game to the next level.

SJN: Why did you decide to set up Grouphunt?

JL: We saw a gap in the market and the technology was ripe—no one is helping people match their interests with others. The benefits are obvious: savings on group pre-orders, shipping, Kickstarter reward tiers, and the list goes on. The Internet is a medium that’s distinctly poised for collaboration and collective action, so we started Grouphunt.

SJN: How do you ensure that you and your team deliver each time?

JL: We are very process-oriented, and try to automate these processes where we can. We have certain built-in reminders in our back-end that reminds us to follow up on product deliveries even before they are due.

SJN: What do you think is Grouphunt’s unique selling point?

JL: Simple—community-curated products at unbeatable value.

SJN: Where do you see Grouphunt in the next five years?

JL: I would love to see us serving more communities and harnessing the power of our communities in more use-cases.


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