Products: Your new Travel Companions

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 Products: Your new Travel Companions

Today's Manager
December 1, 2017

​The following products are available on the Grouphunt Web site. Grouphunt is Singapore’s number one crowdsourced product discovery and group buying Web site. On this site, users suggest products that they care about. Votes are collated and the community decides which products they want to bulk-buy and save on.

Your new Travel Companions
TRAVELLING by air, sea, or road can literally be a pain in the neck. Here are two products listed on the Grouphunt Web site that could make that journey a wee bit more comfortable.

First up is the 3D Inflatable Neck Pillow. Yes, you can get a cheap one for a couple of bucks and even chuck it after a few uses so why is this one so special? Well, did the cheap one win the Red Dot Product design 2017 award? I highly doubt it. This neck pillow has a built-in 3D Pump (the pump can pass a lifetime test of 300,000 times) and release system that supports your neck and you are almost guaranteed zero neck aches as it prevents your head from drooping to one side. The adjustable airtight inflation conforms to the contour of your head and neck further affirming this too.

We tried it out during a recent road trip and it does everything it says plus it is compact and deflates and inflates within seconds. It felt very comfortable as we took turns to use it during the long drives. Wish it could help with snoring though!

If like me you cannot seem to sleep during flights, regardless of how long they are, this might be the best product for you to get your hands on. The 3D Breathable Sleepmask has patented built-in air vents and an ergonomic design that follows the contours of your eyes and nose which means complete relaxation for the user. Plus, to block out unnecessary (and often annoying) noise, memory foam earplugs are included too.

Light is completely blocked out which is particularly useful especially when you are on long-haul flights. I liked that the straps are easy to adjust especially with the help of the Velcro tape but most importantly, I loved the built-in 3D air vents as I suffer from dry eyes and it felt quite comfortable though at times I did feel like I was part of a horror film because of how it looks, however, as long as it gets me some shut-eye on my long-haul flights, the rest of the passengers will have to deal with being a little spooked when I have this on.

Now for short trips via budget airlines or if it is a quick in-and-out of country trip in 48 hours, you would like a travel bag that can carry a lot and yet look somewhat stylish. Introducing the CabinZero Urban 42L Messenger Lightweight Cabin Bag. I stuffed this bag with so much stuff for a short stay however, I have to admit, I wish it had wheels. It fits most airlines standard luggage dimensions (55 x 40 x 20 centimetres) and is perfectly cabin sized too. Most importantly, you can be assured that your belongings
will not get wet.

Packing it is easy as it opens like a suitcase for easy access to your items at any time. If you are more particular about your packing, I recommend getting the CabinCubes that are made to fit inside the bag. I liked that the bag straps are padded and are easy to hide. This helps a lot especially if you are a klutz like me as there is usually a high chance that I will trip over myself or the bag straps. The bag straps equate to a more flexible carrying style so it makes it easy to move around with this bag too.

The best part about it is the integrated Okoban luggage tracker. I am sure that you know of someone who has been through that horrifying experience of having lost their luggage. With this tracker, regardless of whether it is your fault or the airline company’s, there is a very high chance that you will get this bag back.

Another plus, it comes with a 10-year warranty that can be upgraded free of charge (a Singaporean’s favourite words) for another 25 years if you like their Facebook page. Not a bad deal right? I recommend this for single travellers heading out on 24 to 48 hour flights. Its lightweight means more weight for what really matters.

Ladies can opt to get themselves the Tathata Bag which is versatile and flexible as you can change up how you want to carry it. This is great for travel yet again as it helps balance out the weight better and it can fit your tablet and laptop easily too. They come in quite a few colours and designs to match your look too.

The bags are made of high quality, natural canvas that is a blend of cotton, printer canvas, and denim. The bag comes with high quality vegetable leather that is covered with waterproof wax too. Personally, I felt that this bag was a hit-and-miss though as there are other bags in the market that can do the same, especially one brand that starts with the letter A.



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