Product Reviews: Effective, Efficient, but Heavy

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 Product Reviews: Effective, Efficient, but Heavy

Today's Manager
June 8, 2020

Samsung is a brand that I adore. There I said it so that allows me to let go of any additional bias I may have towards the brand so as to give a more balanced review.

I will start with the pros of the Samsung Jet 75 Premium Cordless Stick Vacuum. Trust Samsung to keep it so sleek. As I unboxed the set, I took time to notice the impeccable design of the various components of this vacuum. A little click here, a little click there, and it can be used to perform a variety of chores ranging from cleaning hard to reach areas to mopping the floor.

The detachable battery, I have a love-hate relationship with it. Then again, I should have read the manual however, most times, I do not need to because I can just figure the gadget out. I could not initially find where to fix the cable for the charger and when I realised it, my eyes could not stop rolling by then. Charging took forever but it drains very fast. I really wish it were the other way around.

I was testing it out on day one and used it for about 20 minutes or so. I thought it had another 20 minutes or life in it so did not think to charge it again until it was completely dead. When my mom tried to use it the next day, it lasted all of five minutes. I am not sure if it was because it was on maximum but I found the battery life rather short. My mom teased me initially and said maybe the vacuum was shocked that I actually did housework. Ha-ha mother, ha-ha.

Overall, this does give Dyson (based on what I have read about it but yet to try it) a run for its money. The price points are similar. The performance decent as you can feel the difference when it was on different settings: min, mid, and max. For me, the mopping feature was the clear winner that I felt would set it apart. The battery and the weight made me decide against buying it as my mom was not able to manage the weight of the vacuum for a long period. However, knowing Samsung, I am sure, soon enough, there will be something to combat both those issues.



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