Nanyang Polytechnic and Microsoft Jointly Launch Ambient Intelligence Computing Centre

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 Nanyang Polytechnic and Microsoft Jointly Launch Ambient Intelligence Computing Centre

Nanyang Polytechnic and Microsoft Singapore | General
March 5, 2015
​Nanyang Polytechnic students are amongst the first in Asia Pacific to be skilled in the latest Microsoft Azure Machine Learning technology. 

NANYANG Polytechnic (NYP) and Microsoft Singapore jointly launched the Ambient Intelligence Computing Centre (AICC) at the NYP School of Information Technology (SIT) in Singapore on 4 March 2015. The three-year collaboration for the Centre reinforces the parties’ commitment to their long-standing partnership, with the aim of meeting the increased demand for professionals trained in ambient intelligence in Singapore’s move towards becoming the world’s first Smart Nation. 


Final Year NYP School of Information Technology students with their respective projects that leverage on the use of smart technologies at the NYP-Microsoft Ambient Intelligence Computing Centre.

Ambient intelligence describes the insights and predictive capabilities gathered from the multiple connected devices, termed the Internet of Things (IoT), by applying machine learning in the cloud. As making this a reality requires new expertise and the use of smart technologies, the new AICC will leverage both parties’ resources and know-how on ambient intelligence, big data and predictive analytics; and cloud computing and machine learning, to equip final year NYP SIT students with the right knowledge and skills to develop innovative next-generation solutions in support of Singapore’s Smart Nation vision.

The AICC aims to enable the development of trained ambient intelligence professionals through three key focus areas: 
Provide training for NYP students and staff on ambient intelligence, IoT, and machine learning capabilities through knowledge-transfer and capability-building; 
Undertake industry projects leveraging IoT and machine learning technologies to improve the consumption of citizen-centric services and transform the way of work across different industries; and 
Serve as an envisioning centre for NYP and Microsoft to showcase industry projects enabled by machine learning to potential partners and customers.

Through the AICC, final year NYP SIT students will be amongst the first in Asia Pacific to be skilled in latest Microsoft Azure Machine Learning technology—a fully-managed cloud service that enables data scientists and developers to efficiently embed predictive analytics into their applications to help them benefit from massive data sets. Equipped with the relevant skillsets, students can leverage the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform to collect IoT sensor data, while using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning to incorporate predictive analytics to create ambient intelligence environments. Students will also be able to experience the full data science life cycle with real world data by importing and cleaning data, building predictive models, and deploying them into production for real world usage.

Through the practical hands-on training provided by the AICC, NYP SIT students will pick up relevant industry knowledge and skillsets to expand on the Smart Nation Platform—the common national technical architecture that brings together a nationwide sensor network and data analytics abilities to provide better situational awareness through data collection and efficient sharing of collected sensor data. Coupled with guidance from NYP and industry experts, students will be able to develop innovative solutions and undertake industry projects that apply their newly-gained ambient intelligence and cloud computing skills in real-life scenarios.


Final Year Nanyang Polytechnic School of Information Technology student Mr Ang Chin Hao from the Diploma in Engineering Informatics sharing about his project - a control system for security or crowd personnel to heighten security - as Ms Jessica Tan, Managing Director of Microsoft Singapore looks on.

For instance, one of the pilot final year projects at the AICC features a control system for security or crowd personnel to heighten security. The system aids the personnel to perform work functions such as car plate recognition and face recognition through an intelligent smart glass camera. This enables security personnel to better monitor public safety and allow them to quickly verify if a vehicle or a person imposes a threat so that they can take appropriate action. Such projects illustrates the potential capabilities of NYP students to develop innovative solutions for next-generation enterprises in support of the key groups that take priority in the Smart Nation vision.

“We are pleased to be working with Microsoft, the leader in cloud computing and ambient technology. It is an exciting time to be in the digital world where everything is constantly evolving. As Singapore becomes a Smart Nation, there will be greater demand for professionals trained in ambient intelligence, at creating seamless interfaces in the Internet of Things. We aim to inspire our students so that they can become key contributors to a Smart Nation,” says Mr Dennis Ang, director of NYP’s School of Information Technology.

“At Microsoft, we believe that fostering talent in a diverse economy by empowering our youths is the cornerstone of a strong and sustainable nation. Today, some of the most exciting work being done to reap value from the Internet of Things involves taking data insights to the next level using machine learning. Through the technology, curricula assets and knowledge transfer we are providing to the collaboration, we hope to equip graduating NYP students with next-generation skills that will inspire a new generation of innovators to develop industry-grade solutions that make a real impact on the future of our nation,” says Ms Jessica Tan, managing director of Microsoft Singapore.

Nanyang Polytechnic 
Established in 1992, Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) is a premier tertiary institution that offers quality education in Engineering, Information Technology, Design, Interactive & Digital Media, Chemical & Life Sciences, Business Management and Health Sciences. It offers 50 full-time diploma courses and a suite of post-diploma and customised courses for continuing education. 

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is a worldwide leader in software, services, devices, and solutions that help people and businesses realise their full potential.

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