Product Reviews: OHMMM CARES

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 Product Reviews: OHMMM CARES

Today's Manager
September 1, 2021

​Saying this brand name just makes you feel so zen doesn’t it? That may probably be because they are all about helping their customers and the planet too. 

They pride themselves in using only natural ingredients for their products, even their combs are made of bamboo! Their shampoo and conditioner are free from sulphates, parabens, silicones, artificial chemicals, and are most importantly, animal-cruelty free! 

They ensure that they use environmentally friendly materials for their products as well as the personal care industry is responsible for a bulk of plastic wastage. What is interesting about their shampoo and conditioner are that they are free from water. What? Yes, you read right, free from water hence resulting in being portable and you are ensured of richness of their nourishing formulation.

Let’s talk about their amazing shampoo. Although they say it is for all hair types, those like me with sensitive scalp tend to be rather weary of what products to use. Guess what, I loved it! Their claim to be suitable for sensitive scalp is not just a frivolous claim. It is true. My scalp felt cleaner but not that weird squeaky clean type feeling, sensitivity was less, and most importantly, my hair looked thicker and there was less hair fall. I was thrilled to bits. The bottle looks small, but don’t forget, it is like a concentrated powder so you can get probably six weeks to two months’ worth of shampoos if you have long hair like mine.
The powder shampoo is water-activated so all you need is about a teaspoon of powder, add water to your palms, lather, and massage. For long hair, I do this twice. After which, I rinse with water and I know my hair smells of coconut because that and sea salt (how interesting) are some of the key ingredients. 

After shampoo, you definitely need to condition your hair so that you are assured of softer, shinier, and more manageable hair. Again, this conditioner bar is vegan-friendly and because it is all natural, it leaves no weird sticky, greasy residue behind. It will likely last about the same amount of time as my shampoo, about six weeks to two months. Some of the amazing ingredients include argan oil, olive oil, and camellia oil and yet, no greasy feeling. Awesome right?

Now, having conditioner as a bar was another eye-opener for me. So I had to check the instructions. After wetting my hands, I rubbed the bar between my hands vigorously so that a nice, decent layer of conditioner was formed. As with any other conditioner, I only applied it from the lower layer of my hair (from the back of my neck onwards, away from the scalp). If I need more (as my hair is long), I repeated the earlier steps. I leave it on for about two to three minutes and then, rinse it off. My hair was so soft, less frizzy, and smells “fresh”. 

Finally, the wonderful routine with the special bamboo detangling comb. It goes through my hair effortlessly and does not harm my scalp as it is so gentle. 

I have to admit, the Korean-made products raised my eyebrows as I thought they were so interesting given the materials they were made from and of course, the way they were packaged. A local brand with heart, they initially started off by having pop-up stores and now they have a Web site. 

I strongly suggest that if you are looking for products that are not only environmentally friendly, but wonderful for your hair care, please visit them and get your products as soon as possible! They have a fan in me. Visit​ today.


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