Product Reviews: Reduce Waste, Increase Karma

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 Product Reviews: Reduce Waste, Increase Karma

Today's Manager
September 1, 2021
​Reduce Waste, Increase Karma

No, I did not come up with that brilliant tagline. That is the mantra of Sipeco, a company that deals with environmentally friendly products, in particular, bamboo straws. 

Given the number of places that have stopped providing straws for their drinks, many have switched to buying silicon straws (I did a review a few issues ago on these) or metal straws and bringing them along when they head out. 

Now Sipeco brings you bamboo straws. Boy, are they hardy! Drinking out of them makes me feel like I am part helping the environment and part panda, you know, because pandas love bamboos? Okay, so that may have fallen flat. These straws will not hurt your teeth or scald/burn you (something I tend to be paranoid about with regards to metal straws), and they will not wither into nothingness like paper straws which I absolutely detest. These do not alter the taste of your drink and will definitely not become mush if you leave it in your drink for too long.

What I particularly love are that each straw has the company emblem on them, the little sea turtle. If you have not gotten your straws yet, consider getting bamboo straws. They are easy to use, easy to clean, and very portable as they are so light. Visit and do your part for the environment. Every purchase equates to a small portion going to the 1 per cent for the planet fund as well. Great job you guys at Sipeco!


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