Product Reviews: Support Local and Eat Healthy!

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 Product Reviews: Support Local and Eat Healthy!

Today's Manager
September 1, 2021
Support Local and Eat Healthy!

Introducing Archisen, a firm pioneering an urban farming solution that provides the full experience of freshly harvested crops, leveraging cutting-edge IoT technology to optimise indoor farming with limited land resources. Introducing Archisen's flagship brand, Just Produce, which carries a variety of salad greens and specialty herbs, all free of chemical pesticides and GMOs. Given what I have tried from their wide range of vegetables, they are not lying! They proudly share that their vegetables are grown and nurtured carefully in a climate-controlled environment to ensure consistency all year round. 

I was fortunate to try the entire range. It has been a long while since my family and I had such fresh-tasting vegetables that did not have that weird bitter flavour. I will go down the list starting from my favourite (a tough choice that one) to my least favourite–now this is not because it was not fresh but more of not suiting my palate. My fiancé dug in though so Archisen's Just Produce really has something for everyone in the family!

The ones that I absolutely loved–well, I’ll be frank, it was a tie. I loved the Just Produce’s Just Mustard and the Just Produce’s Just Mesclun Zesty Mustard sets. The family only managed a bite before I ran away with the pack. Yes, that is how good it is, I ran away with salad. There was almost a hint of sweetness with each crunchy bite. Also, loved that there was a little wasabi like hit when you take a bite of the salad too. The freshness made the salad a delightful, even palate cleansing meal for the day, especially since I had two days of heavy meals prior. These salads are not just for those wanting to be on a healthy salad only diet, but for everyone who wants to add some greens into their lives. If the kids do not like this, I will be rather shocked to be honest as I felt that these sets were the most palatable for even the most discerning.

Next up, these two sets were a very close second Just Produce’s Just Crunchy Lettuce and Just Mesclun Crunchy Classics. I mean how can the classics not be yummy, right? This was the household favourite, everyone loved the crunch, somewhat ‘creaminess’ of the texture of the vegetables and the sweetness came through. We finished this one rather quickly, even a little tug of war between my fiancé and I on who gets the last bite. *ahem* I always win.

The Just Ice Plant was the men’s favourite in my household. Evenly shared between the two, they enjoyed this like a lightly salted, crunchy snack while watching television. The last time I had this was as part of an omakase and I was rather intrigued. Not intrigued enough to make it my favourite, but intrigued enough to eat one or two then pass the rest over. 

My least favourite and trust me, it is not because it was yucky, it just wasn’t to my palate. I was the only one who was not a fan, my parents and fiancé ate this up quick. Just Produce’s Just Sorrel and Just Mesclun Tangy Sorrel had a hint of sourness and bitterness that was just not my cup of tea. Again, fresh, crunchy, flavourful, but not the right flavour for me. My fiancé loves things that are bitter and sour (weirdo) so he inhaled this the fastest out of the lot. He was mighty pleased when I made a face after one bite and said I was not a fan. This time, he walked away as he laid claim on this before anyone else could.

All in all, this local brand has hit the nail on the head in terms of freshness, flavour, and promoting a more healthy eating habit. Parents, if you have children who are not vegetable fans, believe me, Just Produce is going to change their minds. In fact, all you naughty adults who avoid vegetables at all costs, if ever there was a time you ought to give vegetables a shot, go straight to​ and buy a salad and you will never look back.

Great job Archisen on your brilliant flagship brand's product range Just Produce. I love you guys!


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