Product Reviews: Your New Favourite Family Member

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 Product Reviews: Your New Favourite Family Member

Today's Manager
September 1, 2021
​Your New Favourite Family Member

Introducing the Samsung Jet Bot+ with Clean Station™. For the weeks that my family and I had it for review, it was our favourite family member. I admit that I rarely do any household chores so for a period of time, the Jet Bot+ made me feel like I was doing my share of the household duties and boy did that make me feel good. I would even pat it on top of its R2-D2-like head when it is done for the day.

There are more pros than cons to this but I will lay them out as I experienced them. Now the first thing to note dear readers, my mom is the epitome of obsessive-compulsive behaviour when it comes to being ‘particular’ about cleanliness.
Those who know me long enough will know of stories of how there are not only rarely seen bugs in the house, but when the brave, stupid bugs do decide to try their luck, they will not survive long enough as they will be seen on their backs, heading on to the next life with their legs in the air. 

The Jet Bot+’s first trip around the house still vacuumed up strands of hair and fibres which I pointed to my mom who immediately fell in love with the Jet Bot+. I think for those weeks, we all fell in love with it and were ready to make the purchase. The only thing that was standing in our way was the fact that it was a tad thick and there were quite a few areas that the Jet Bot+ could not get into. We have many antiques at home so that did not help the situation either. Mom still had to mop around as always in those areas but she generally felt a level of comfort at letting the Jet Bot+ whom I lovingly nicknamed Vac2-D2 do the needful. 

We loved hearing the strong suction power when the Jet Bot+ heads back ‘home’ to recharge after cleverly and efficiently figuring out the ‘lay of the land’ that it has to clean as it uses LiDAR sensor technology to ensure precise navigation as well as accurate mapping. The best part is, you only need to change the ‘cleaning’ bag in the Clean Station once every three months or so but again, it depends on how often you use it and how dirty your house is. 

Oh, and we were paranoid about one of the thick carpets that had fringe as the Jet Bot+ would adjust its suction power accordingly and try to pull the fringe out. Eek! Cables were another thing we had to ensure were kept out of the way. However, to be fair, the Jet Bot+ was not the only robot vacuum that would have ‘attacked’ them either. It was a tad loud when the suction power increases however, after a while, you do become immune to it. Frankly, between knowing your house is extra clean versus noise, I choose the former.

What we are waiting for is a Jet Bot+ that not only vacuums but one that is slimmer and that can mop too. While we wait for Samsung to get moving on that amazing gadget, I would still recommend that you consider getting yourself a Jet Bot+. However, Vac2-D2 is the name that I have set aside for our future gadget, so please figure out your own nickname, thank you very much.


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