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  • Industry Connect

    Learn more about the industries in Singapore with Industry Connect. Get connected to what’s happening in the business world today both locally and in the region.

  • CRM Helps to Create Contented Customers

    Canadian Pizza is an early adopter of the customer relationship management model which manages its interaction with customers.

  • Programmes to Improve Productivity

    SIM Professional Development’s Workforce Development Agency-funded programmes will help professionals achieve greater productivity by maximising their potential. The programmes are designed to combine the different competencies required of the manager.

  • Frost & Sullivan

    Frost & Sullivan: Growth Opportunities in the Contact Centre Applications Market

CorecrewFX Interview Video Part 2 ​This is the second part of a series of video interviews that we did with CoreCrewFX. Find out their views on management, leadership, and what it is like to work with puppets.
CorecrewFX Interview Video Part 1 ​This is the first of a series of video interviews that we did with CoreCrewFX. Find out their views on management, leadership, and what it is like to work with puppets.
New Qualtrics Study Finds 59 Per Cent in Singapore Say They are not Comfortable Returning to the Workplace Right Now ​Qualtrics’ Return to Work & Back to Business Study reveals what it would take for Singaporeans to feel confident about re-entering public life.
What does the Latest Fortitude Budget Mean for SMEs?Ng Li Lian ​What is in store for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with the latest fortitude budget announcement? Read on to find out.​
The Future of Work: The Emerging Paradigm of the Gig EconomyLouise Robinson, Daryll Cahill, and Maggie Williams ​COVID-19 poses challenges to businesses; successful management practice will recognise emergent skills for their company’s longer term futures.
The Future of Work—IntentionalityKim Underhill ​Ever thought intentionality would play a part in the future of work?​
Cloud Technology for SMEs—the Final FrontierShashank Dixit ​Cloud technology has never been more important or relevant as it is today. Are you on board yet?
Filling Up with Biogas at the Vuorenmaa Dairy Farm ​Reduce your carbon footprint by utilising biogas made from cattle manure to fill a tank. Say what?